Microdosing Iboga

Hello again to our journeyers. It has been quite some time since the last sharing. While writing has not been our creative focus this year, this topic has inspired these words.When asked in consultations and at our retreats, we share about our own healing journeys with Iboga. Often, we speak about our initial cleansing through multiple flood dose ceremonies, but sometimes, …

Connection With Nature

It has been over six months since our last sharing. Two weeks after leaving Canada for five months, our computer backlight quit. This left us disconnected from the IbogaJourney mail list. We are back now, repaired the computer and have hosted our first two sessions of the year. Now we have an opportunity to reconnect with all of you. It …



“I often regret that I have spoken; never that I have been silent.” – Publilius Syrus In silence, we disconnect from language and behaviour. We disconnect from our character that often reacts unconsciously. Detaching from the character that has agendas and expectations. Removing all distraction forces us to be with what is. No matter how it may manifest. The stimulating …



The calling to Iboga is an empowering experience in itself. It often begins as a calling to plants, to an ancient life force carrying with it the healing power of Mother Earth. Humans are reconnecting with the nature inside themselves, manifested as the plant medicine path. Of all these paths, one has called to us. The magnetic power of Iboga. …


While You’re In Squamish

The Ceremony is from Friday noon until Sunday noon. For the time before and after the session, we have some recommendations. Though Squamish offers some of the most extreme outdoor recreation, we have listed attractions more suited to the days following Iboga. NATURE   SEA TO SKY GONDOLA Gondola Rides, Mountain Views, Suspension Bridge, Hiking Trails, Restaurant, Cafe, Gift Shop …



It has been a few months since the last sharing. We have been dedicating our creativity toward our new website. The expected launch of the new site is the end of May. It will have a completely new aesthetic feel, along with some new and edited content. The original site is over three years old now, and in that time, …

October 2016 Newsletter

The transition is upon us. Harvest season is coming to an end, the last of the salmon are running up the rivers, leaves blanket the forest floor, and everything is saturated with seasonal rains.

Days end quickly as the low-angle sun hides behind thick clouds. It’s a time to shed and preserve energy for winter. The forest drops all its less-productive and seasonal foliage as it prioritizes its resources. Redirecting energy to promote new growth.

August 2016 Newsletter

Summer has embraced us. Local produce, fresh fish, warm evenings with meals outside and enough rain so we can all enjoy campfires. What a wonderful month. There is a special love of this shared by those who endure a seasonal winter. It is the cold and dark that gives definition to the warm and light.