The calling to Iboga is an empowering experience in itself. It often begins as a calling to plants, to an ancient life force carrying with it the healing power of Mother Earth. Humans are reconnecting with the nature inside themselves, manifested as the plant medicine path. Of all these paths, one has called to us.

The magnetic power of Iboga.

The calling to Iboga often feels like it defies logic. Like there is no explanation. Like it comes from somewhere deeper than our mind. While all the rationalizing and efficiency-based conditioning plays itself out in our daily life, the calling remains unaltered. Beyond analysis. Iboga is the voice of the forest and it is calling us to cleanse and purify. Whether it is our introduction or reunion, Iboga has a powerful frequency of truth, calling us to look deeply at ‘reality.’ How much of each day is spent in presence? How much is lost in a mind trance of backtalk? Constantly trying to figure out who we are based on reflection from others.



Social media has taken this to the extreme. A giant step even farther into illusion, because the comparison is now to an image and text representation of ourselves and others. When given the choice, we present the most aesthetic and pleasing version, often with digital enhancement and experiential selection. All leading farther and farther away from our own existential core. Stuck on the periphery wondering why there is a sense of disconnection. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to answer the calling inward. To feel who we are from within. Answering this call may begin or reignite through ceremony, but we don’t have to wait until then. We don’t have to give our power away to the future. Start now. Bring awareness into daily life. Meditative living. Active stillness.

We can expose our egoic behaviours and patterns by simply remaining alert and aware. Once exposed, they slowly lose strength and the original conscious being emerges. This practice is both preparatory and integrative for Iboga. Use it to answer the call now and ceremony will manifest at just the right time.



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  1. Hi, I’m interested in experiencing the Iboga plant ceremony, I’ve been searching a lot about the great benefits related to self-growth and potential freedom of detrimental habits patterns.
    I would like to be guided to the next steps and register for the next available ceremony date, I live in Vancouver BC and should have no issue to get there.
    Is there any concerns or health risk involved I should be aware of?
    kind regards,

  2. Iboga has made it’s way to into my space
    Many experience with Ayahuasca and Psilocybin
    Am very connected, also, with west African culture

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