How long has IbogaJourney been providing Iboga and how many people have they sat with?

IbogaJourney has been providing Iboga ceremonies for over 8 years. Over the years there has been a large increase in guests from Alberta so it made sense to offer a ceremony location in Calgary. They have sat with close to 800 guests.

How long is the retreat and what is the cost?

The retreat is from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Please inquire about prices via the phone interview.

What is the difference between Ayahuasca and Iboga?

Ayahuasca is a brew of two different and variable plants from the Amazon. One containing DMT and the other, a vine containing MAOI which allows DMT to pass through the stomach. The plants are combined and boiled. There are many different recipes and cooking techniques. Iboga is a root bark from a rainforest shrub in West Central Africa. It requires no altering. It is simply harvested, dried and consumed. Comparing the experience of Ayahuasca and Iboga is often referred to as going farther vs going deeper. Ayahuasca, like a vine, takes people on an outward trajectory often cosmic and away from the body. Iboga, like a root system, is the opposite, going deep into every cell, right to the core. The journey with Iboga can be as long as 24 hours and some may not sleep past 48 hours. With Ayahuasca, the journey is about 6 hours and most fall asleep the same night. Both have elements of cleansing and both bring on purging but with Iboga, diarrhea is rare. Ayahuasca is more of spiritual catalyst and mystical experience where as Iboga is more earth based, grounding and an epic rites of passage.

How is Iboga root bark compared to Ibogaine and TA (Total Alkaloids)?

Root Bark is Iboga’s natural form. It contains the entire spectrum of medicinal properties including a small amount of the root core shaved with the bark chips. TA is an extraction of 14 active alkaloids from the Root Bark and is void of all plant matter. Ibogaine is one of the most active alkaloids in Iboga and requires multiple extractions and lab equipment. Ibogaine is used primarily in a clinical setting to detox people from drugs; TA is used both as a drug detox and for journeys; Root Bark is strictly for journeyers. Providers may vary on this but generally TA and Ibogaine are provided in one or two doses. The alkaloids are absorbed rapidly so the onset, depth and recovery are much faster with the majority of the extract taken all at once. With root bark, much more volume is required so it is provided slowly. The onset, depth and recovery are also much slower. Up to 24 hours. This allows for early awareness of variable sensitivities and creates the longest time in the depth of the journey.

Where is the Iboga from?

IbogaJourney sources it’s medicine from the Congo. It is harvested traditionally and cared for with acute attention to maintenance of the medicinal power. There is only one set of hands between harvest and shipping and he is a long term friend and ally to IbogaJourney.

How many guests are in each ceremony and is it disruptive to share the space with others?

Ceremony size is from two to eight journeyers. The group is actually the opposite of disruptive. It is catalytic. There is confidence gained knowing everyone in the circle is committing to each round. The collective vibration of all journeyers with shared intentions, has a power all it’s own. IbogaJourney’s guests often notice kindred bonds within the group. Particular elements of each journey are mirrored in the final sharing as all in the circle learn and expand from one another.

Why does IbogaJourney require all guests to be free of alcohol, drugs and medications?

An alcohol, drug or chemical detox is a completely different ceremony. It requires a quick acting form of Iboga like Ibogaine or TA to interrupt the dependency immediately. A detox can take people to their physical limits and requires much more attention and supervision. Not conducive to a group setting. With less extreme, habitual dependency, the choice to be free and clean before ceremony represents respect for this powerful event. IbogaJourney’s circles are for those willing do do the work. Not only in the session but before and after. Iboga is one of nature’s most powerful tools but a tool is only useful for those prepared to use it.

Will guests be ready to leave on Sunday afternoon?

Everyone recovers from the Journey differently. No one sleeps Friday night and some don’t sleep Saturday night. Guests fast on Friday after breakfast and often only have a few bites of fruit all the way through until Sunday morning’s breakfast. Iboga has completely cleaned and reset so it can take some time to fully recover. This is why we suggest all guests stay at a secondary accommodation following the session. Local guests for one night and fly in guests for two. Everyone is welcome to stay at the session as long as needed on Sunday before making the short trip to their previously booked accommodation.

Where is the closest airport and how far from there to the IbogaJourney retreat?

he closest airport is Calgary International. YYC. It is approximately 30 min drive from there to the ceremony. There are plenty of car rental options or a direct bus non stop from the airport.

Other than the Iboga ceremony, what services are provided?

There will be a welcoming and preparatory consultation on Friday. Herbal tea is served Friday afternoon. Three inch foam mats are provided for the ceremony. There is a beautiful, spacious bathroom for guests to use. Saturday afternoon, a recovery tea is served followed by a fruit plate. Saturday evening there will be a nourishing smoothie. Sunday morning the shower is available with natural soap, shampoo and conditioner. Following this, a no dairy, no meat breakfast is served.

Are health examinations required and are there medical staff present at the session?

IbogaJourney has a thorough screening process in the primary consultation. Only those meeting the health parameters may join. Physical and psychological. This includes strict time requirements free of alcohol, drugs and meds. Those within the parameters do not need examinations. This ensures the effects of Iboga are well within everyone’s physical limit. The raw root bark is not an immediate onset. Due to the large volume of raw Iboga needed, it is offered very slowly. Some have higher sensitivity so this allows the providers to adjust the amounts early in the ceremony. With the strict screening and the raw Iboga Root Bark offered slowly, there is no need for medical supervision.

Is there a strict diet required before a ceremony?

No. Generally, it is recommended to limit processed or chemical containing foods, refined sugars and caffeine. More important is to become aware of not only what is eaten but how and how often it is eaten. Bringing awareness to what can sometimes be habitual eating patterns.

Why are IbogaJourney ceremonies silent?

In silence, we disconnect from language and behaviour. We disconnect from our character that often reacts unconsciously. Detaching from the character that has agendas and expectations. Removing all distraction forces us to be with what is. No matter how it may manifest. The stimulating effect of Iboga keeps us awake for over 24 hours so the opportunity for meditative relation to our inner core is amazing. When the silence is finally broken on the second evening with traditional Bwiti music, the impact is incredible. After 24 hours of silence, the heightened senses soak up the energy of the African forest rhythms. A memorable rebirth into our natural, unfiltered consciousness.