Microdosing Iboga

Hello again to our journeyers. It has been quite some time since the last sharing. While writing has not been our creative focus this year, this topic has inspired these words.When asked in consultations and at our retreats, we share about our own healing journeys with Iboga. Often, we speak about our initial cleansing through multiple flood dose ceremonies, but sometimes, we share about a much more subtle and intimate energy that can be cultivated — through microdosing.Though ‘dosing’ is a well-used and understood description, energetically it feels a bit clinical. ‘Dose’ implies measurement and analysis, but meetings with Iboga — both macro and micro — are beyond this. Yes, the amount taken deserves attention, but from where?It’s all about listening and acting from our heart and gut. Feeling it. Not measuring it.We all collect blockage. Physically, emotionally and energetically. It is an obstruction to existential flow.A flood dose Iboga ceremony has the potential to both reveal and clear these blockages, whereas micro meetings are a rekindling of the original ceremonial cleanse. This reminder has the ability to enhance awareness and continue the identification of previously unconscious behaviour. It can be very challenging, as we take full responsibility for our life experience.

On the flip side, taking full responsibility can also be wondrous and empowering. It can reveal the limitless creator in us all, but it takes humility and trust. Trust that our experiences are always custom-tailored for growth. We can flow with it, or fight it. That’s the choice.Flow is a word often used to describe the feeling of surrender. It is also a term used to describe water, so let’s look at microdosing Iboga as a way to create buoyancy and identify when we mistakenly swim upstream.Micro Iboga is only recommended following a full ceremony. Thirty days of post-ceremony integration is the minimum time before revisiting the medicine on a small scale. Without the initial cleanse, micro Iboga has no foundation and no frequency signature to bond with.To know more about revisiting the wood, email jeremy@ibogajourney.ca We are now on the back half of our 2019 season, with remaining openings filling up. Once we are fully booked, our 2020 schedule will be posted.


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