The Iboga Ceremony represents the physical engagement with the medicine, but the true beginning to the process is the day a commitment is made. Preparation is a valuable aspect to the journey, creating momentum and a connection with nature.

The Iboga Ceremony represents the physical engagement with the medicine, but the true beginning to the process is the day a commitment is made. Preparation is a valuable aspect to the journey, creating momentum and a connection with nature.


IbogaJourney offers guidance for all who reach out. Committed, considering, or simply curious. Our providers can share their combined experience working with close to 700 guests. The first step is to connect by email; the following consultation will be by phone. Once a commitment to the ceremony is made, there is a shift. The same forces that lead people to Iboga begin preparing them as well, but there needs to be a level of receptivity. The senses are numbed with distraction, so practicing awareness is the best place to start. Eating, habits, relationships, family and work all have hidden teachings as unconscious patterns are revealed. Bring awareness to life and watch the subtle patterns emerge. It’s always a great benefit to ask, ‘What is the message in this pattern?’ This helps to add intentions for working with Iboga. Self-inquiry is an essential part of reaching a clear expression of these intentions.
This inward process demands patience and stillness, but with practice and IbogaJourney’s guidance, the focal point of the journey will emerge.

. Journaling and free-writing are helpful exercises for self-investigation to help clarify where priorities are. In this writing, we dare to express deep aspirations, possible life improvements, wounds that need healing, and talents to fully manifest. Over time, go back and forth from simply watching life with awareness to clarifying direction with journaling. By taking time away, insight can be gained from what was previously written.
It is essential to give time to absorb the underlying issues. By regularly reading over writings, different points may show as belonging to the same theme or pattern. This is a valuable method, but understand there is no right or wrong here. It’s more about dedication to the inquiry. Open to the truth no matter how it may reveal itself.

The Calling

Even before the ceremony, Iboga has a strong influence. Synchronicity becomes apparent, and dreams may bring forth memorable messages. Situations will arise that show precisely the emotional blocks one carries. The medicine will illuminate weak points, resistances, and the belief systems still held on to. While things may seem more difficult as the ceremony approaches, it is merely an opportunity to focus on what is to be shed and what is to be enhanced.
Allow whatever challenges that arise just to be as they are. Awareness of them is the key. In this case, difficulties and failures signify that transcendence is near. Allow these challenging emotions to play out while watching and observing how intentions connect to this. Many guests have found that this simple preparatory recommendation has led to the shedding of layers far before the ceremony.

Start Now

In this process of inner reflection, life becomes the guru. There are countless opportunities to shed and grow. An upbeat attitude will assist in this, as seriousness can weigh heavily. Inner kindness and sincerity allow for forgiveness of oneself and others. Take time to digest all situations and make space to breathe through them. One of the most potent ways to do this work is on a meditative forest walk. Best done alone, without a phone or device.
The resonance of nature’s balance inspires remembering the balance within. Walk with every sense fully aware, taking in the entire energy field. The mind may wander out of presence but constantly check back into what is immediate and now. On every walk, this will become easier. It is also essential to prepare physically. Stay active and

exercise. If overactive, incorporate rest. For diet, nothing strict is required. The most important thing is to become aware of what feels best—digestion, energy, sleep, weight, etc. Everyone is different. Some general guidelines are to limit the consumption of caffeine, processed foods, chemicals and refined sugars. All guests must be free of drugs, pharmaceuticals and alcohol. The required time is determined in consultations.


IbogaJourney’s commitment extends far beyond the ceremony. Facilitators can be booked for one-on-one paid integration sessions after the experience. Iboga leaves a powerful resonance, but this frequency is only part of what leads to the realization of our intentions.
Integration following the ceremony helps to accommodate a higher vibration and frees us from challenging settings or circumstances. A hasty return to obstacles and decisions is counter-productive, and an easeful schedule afterward is essential to experience oneself anew.
Plenty of rest and epsom salt baths are significant assets. Salt continues the movement outward of old energies, toxins and blockages freed up in the session. Time should be taken each day for reflection on the ceremony. Journaling, meditation and yoga are effective methods for

maintaining a connection. Spend as much time as possible in the forest; it is amazing how the trees quiet the mind. The body will require nourishment. We share many diet recommendations in our closing circle, but this can be unique to each person. Iboga can challenge beneficial flora in the gut, so probiotics should be taken before breakfast for the first week after the session. As the digestive system has been cleaned, a diet free of processed foods and chemicals should be adopted following the ceremony. Eat often and in smaller portions.
Life will not stop challenging, so if old patterns or habits creep back, remain poised and confident. Resistance or blame will only feed it. It helps only to recognize, smile at, and smile inward. Often things are taken far too seriously, fueling drama and conflict. On the contrary, whatever is happening, keep light and laugh. Humour helps to make things relative and place them in a better perspective.

I feel myself getting better every day. Iboga has given me hope again.
James, Alaska