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Seven years of service.
Over seven hundred journeys.

Iboga Retreat

After six years of ceremonies in Squamish, the spring of 2020 sent us into a whirlwind of change. It was the year our son came into the world and the year we left our beloved home and ceremony space. We continued ceremonies in challenging circumstances on Gabriola Island for another year, but as the situation in Canada progressed, we began to feel compelled to leave.

It was not an easy decision to make but synchronicity and intuition are guiding us and there is one thing we’ve learned through all our work with plant medicine… follow your intuition.

So it’s final… we have moved to Nicaragua! The website is still showing the original information, but that will be changed soon. There will be Iboga retreats offered in Nicaragua in the coming year, so keep an eye on our website for updates. If you haven’t already, join our newsletter by filling in the footer box. Email us anytime to learn more.

We have a woman that has assisted us, hosting multiple ceremonies at her house in Calgary. We are passing the Canadian torch and the medicine to her and she is planning to host ceremonies in Calgary. Email us for a referral to Treena.

We also have a friend in Kelowna who is a Kambo and Iboga practitioner. He has a different approach to his offering. It is one on one for now, but this may change as time goes on. Email us for a referral to Carson.

If you’ve been with us on this amazing journey, we have the deepest appreciation for all of you amazing, courageous, authentic and spirited journeyers. It’s been an honour to hold space. We love you all…

The Silent Journey

IbogaJourney’s focus is meditation. It is a ceremony encouraging deep, internal exploration. By removing all external stimulus, the deeply conditioned, reactionary role, is left mute. This environment helps to break down analysis and move into acceptance. Not only for guests, but providers as well. Letting go of knowledge and expectation. In silence, Iboga can relate to all with its own language, free of interpretation and the limitations of speech. Though it is not guided verbally, the ceremony has a warm feeling of nurturing and care with acute attention to the physical needs of each guest. The space is held with love and reverence for the process and the plant. In this space, Iboga is a tool to reveal connection, healing potential and existential intelligence. IbogaJourney promotes self empowerment, using this incredible medicine to cleanse and purify but not mistaking it for the 

source of lasting realization and change that can only come from  within. In consultations, guests are reminded that so much can be accomplished with a dedication to wellness. The creation of momentum leading up to the ceremony makes all the difference. Iboga is an incredible tool but it’s exponentially more effective in combination with journeyer’s dedication to daily inquiry and truth. Before and after the journey. Please explore the site pages below.

Site Pages

The Providers

Jeremy has spent the majority of his life in the mountains of British Columbia. Born in the interior, he ended up on the coast for the past 20 years. The mountains were his temple, but an accident forced a shift of perception. The resulting immobility during a long recovery created a movement inward. The call to end conflict and self destruction led him to Iboga. Through many ceremonies and years of work with mentors and guides, he ended self-destructive patterns and began a personal practice with the medicine. Of its own accord, this slowly grew as others in the mountain culture were drawn to this medicine and to sobriety. Jeremy shared his deep reverence for Iboga and the silent ceremony and soon his mountain brothers and sisters began to encourage him to provide. His vision to build a healing lodge took shape, manifesting as the dual-yurt

space where the Squamish Iboga ceremonies were held until September 2020. Inspired by the arrival of his first child, Jeremy relocated to the Gulf Islands where he plans to raise his family and host ceremonies with love and open arms to all who find him.

Drawn to the raw natural beauty and sense of adventure that British Columbia embodies, Swedish-born Tove made her way to Canada’s West Coast in 1997 — and found her home.

She has always recognized the energy of the mountains, plants and nature to be an essential part of her spirit, seeking the company of plants and the outdoors to feel connected in solace, stillness and truth.

After a monumental and challenging life transformation in 2012, Tove was led to work with plant medicines, and spent several months in Peru. Her ceremonies further deepened her connection to the plant spirit world, creating a communication with trees and plants that is now part of her daily life.

This relation to plants, in combination with a dedicated daily meditation practice, have become an integral part of Tove’s experience of life itself.
Moving through her own addictions over the years, she is able to relate to others’ experiences from a non-judgemental viewpoint. These life experiences have contributed to her attentive listening skills and compassion towards all. She holds a deep appreciation for being in service and assisting others on the path.
Her connection to plant medicine and meditation perfectly mirrors the essence of Iboga Journey’s offerings. For Tove, there is nothing larger or more gratifying than holding space for others.

Winter Dates

Our Nicaragua retreat will begin sometime in the new year. The website updates coming soon, will include all the details and the dates. 

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