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Seven years of service.
Over seven hundred journeys.

Calgary Retreat

IbogaJourney is now offering retreats again in Canada. It began with private invitations but now bookings are available here on the site. Over the years there has been a large increase in guests from Alberta so it made sense to offer a ceremony location in Calgary.
The Bow river winds through the city with abundant access to its beauty. Located in a quiet neighbourhood, just a short walk from the Bow river, the basement of the ceremony house has been transformed into a space of stillness, cleansing and transformation. Iboga is a root, so having the ceremony below ground feels appropriate.

Before and after the ceremony, Calgary offers incredible opportunities to experience expansive plains with endless skies and the epic vistas of the Rocky Mountains. Recent Calgary testimonials are posted in the blog section below.

Nicaragua Retreat

IbogaJourney now has a sibling on the majestic Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. After almost a year of creation, the space is ready for guests. The retreat is two km from the ocean and a beautiful river mouth lagoon. Bookings are available now so don’t hesitate to schedule a phone call. Follow to learn more. Eight day retreats include the Amazonian trio Kambo, Sananga and Rapeh along with two Iboga ceremonies. Seven nights stay, ceremonies, meals, beach, jungle, compassionate care and guidance for $1111 usd. 

Medicine sessions are upstairs in the palapa and guest quarters are downstairs in the house. Jeremy is offering the Amazonian trio in preparation for two Iboga ceremonies. BEING is a new daytime experience from sunrise to sunset and AWAKENING is the deep, two night session. There is one retreat per month. Here is the eight day schedule :
1-Travel recovery, rest, beach
2-Amazonian cleanse, meditation, jungle
3-Iboga Being day experience
4-Rest, walk, beach
5-7-Iboga Awakening
8-Integration and closing
Guests have the choice to fly in to Liberia, Costa Rica or Managua, Nicaragua. Transportation is available direct from either airport to the retreat. For extended stays in the area, explore Playa Guasacate, Popoyo, Rancho Santana and Hacienda Iguana. The locals are amazingly welcoming and friendly and for the adventurous, it’s easy to be spontaneous with post retreat accommodation. The next chapter begins and Jeremy is honoured to reunite with past journeyers and welcome new ones. Email to schedule a discovery phone call ! 

The Silent Journey

IbogaJourney’s focus is meditation. It is a ceremony encouraging deep, internal exploration. By removing all external stimulus, the deeply conditioned, reactionary role, is left mute. This environment helps to break down analysis and move into acceptance. Not only for guests, but providers as well. Letting go of knowledge and expectation. In silence, Iboga can relate to all with its own language, free of interpretation and the limitations of speech. Though it is not guided verbally, the ceremony has a warm feeling of nurturing and care with acute attention to the physical needs of each guest. The space is held with love and reverence for the process and the plant.  

In this space, Iboga is a tool to reveal connection, healing potential and existential intelligence. IbogaJourney promotes self empowerment, using this incredible medicine to cleanse and purify but not mistaking it for the source of lasting realization and change that can only come from  within. In consultations, guests are reminded that so much can be accomplished with a dedication to wellness. The creation of momentum leading up to the ceremony makes all the difference. Iboga is an incredible tool but it’s exponentially more effective in combination with journeyer’s dedication to daily inquiry and truth. Before and after the journey. Please explore the site pages below.

Site Pages

The Providers

Jeremy has spent the majority of his life in the mountains of British Columbia. Born in the interior, he ended up on the coast for the past 20 years. The mountains were his temple, but an accident forced a shift of perception. The resulting immobility during a long recovery created a movement inward. The call to end conflict and self destruction led him to Iboga. Through many ceremonies and years of work with mentors and guides, he ended self-destructive patterns and began a personal practice with the medicine. Of its own accord, this slowly grew as others in the mountain culture were drawn to this medicine and to sobriety. 

Jeremy shared his deep reverence for Iboga and the silent ceremony and soon his mountain brothers and sisters began to encourage him to provide. His vision to build a healing lodge took shape, manifesting as the dual-yurt space where the Squamish Iboga ceremonies were held until September 2020. Inspired by the arrival of his first child, Jeremy relocated to Nicaragua where he plans to raise his family and host ceremonies with love and open arms to all who find him.

Deena’s medicine journey began in the suburbs of her native New Jersey. Iboga’s root medicine called her to move deeper into herself, away from a career in journalism, to heal the traumatic fractures that caused self-sabotage and negative thought and behavioral patterns. Her Iboga journeys have changed her life, setting her on a path to spread the healing message of Iboga to others. In 2015, she traveled to Gabon, Africa—the birthplace of Iboga and home to the Bwiti—where she completed a Full Initiation into their culture. She is also among the first nine Western women to ever complete a Bwiti Rites of Passage.

Treena began her journey with etheogens ten years ago. The value of these spiritual tools became crystal clear and she felt compelled to share the growth and expansion with her family. With Treena’s guidance, her family became familiar with psychedelics in a sacred setting. The healing circles expanded from family to friends and referrals which led to years of hosting sessions with multiple medicines.

Eventually Treena’s love for psychedelic healing led her to Iboga. After attending her first ceremony with IbogaJourney, she was sure that this was her path. This led to more Iboga ceremonies and time spent with Deena and Jeremy learning about the medicine, the silent approach and the importance of thorough consultations.

Treena was invited to assist Jeremy in ceremony where her experience in holding space was deepened. Treena has now assisted and hosted for IbogaJourney in multiple ceremonies with incredible feedback from guests.


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