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Eight years of service.
Over eight hundred journeys.

Calgary Retreat

Iboga Journey is now offering retreats again in Canada. It began with private invitations, but now bookings are available here. Over the years, there has been a significant increase in guests from Alberta, so it made sense to offer a ceremony location in Calgary.

The Bow river winds through the city with abundant access to its beauty. Located in a quiet neighbourhood, the walk-out basement of the ceremony house has been transformed into a space of stillness, cleansing and transformation. Iboga is a root, so having the ceremony close to the earth feels appropriate.

Before and after the ceremony, Calgary offers incredible opportunities to experience expansive plains with endless skies and the epic vistas of the Rocky Mountains.

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The Silent Journey

IbogaJourney’s focus is meditation. It is a ceremony encouraging deep, internal exploration. By removing all external stimulus, the deeply conditioned, reactionary role, is left mute. This environment helps to break down analysis and move into acceptance. Not only for guests, but providers as well. Letting go of knowledge and expectation. In silence, Iboga can relate to all with its own language, free of interpretation and the limitations of speech. Though it is not guided verbally, the ceremony has a warm feeling of nurturing and care with acute attention to the physical needs of each guest. The space is held with love and reverence for the process and the plant.  

In this space, Iboga is a tool to reveal connection, healing potential and existential intelligence. IbogaJourney promotes self empowerment, using this incredible medicine to cleanse and purify but not mistaking it for the source of lasting realization and change that can only come from  within. In consultations, guests are reminded that so much can be accomplished with a dedication to wellness. The creation of momentum leading up to the ceremony makes all the difference. Iboga is an incredible tool but it’s exponentially more effective in combination with journeyer’s dedication to daily inquiry and truth. Before and after the journey. Please explore the site pages below.

The Providers

Iboga Journey was co-founded by Jeremy and Deena. Deena now helps with marketing, pre/post integration sessions and lives in Nicaragua. Treena now owns and runs Iboga Journey in Calgary.

Nineteen years ago, with the birth of her daughter Abi, Treena began the journey to discover the truth of who she truly is. Presented with the choice to recreate old patterns or discreate them, the gift of a child inspired Treena to heal the dysfunctional dynamics she herself grew up with — including alcoholism, drugs, and emotional, sexual, verbal and physical abuse. This commitment to healing ultimately resulted in the transmutation of old toxic constructs, allowing Treena to embrace her experiences and hold gratitude for how they’ve shaped her into the person she is today — as they’re responsible for her intuitive ability to hold space for others.

Throughout her career in the professional space — including 23 years as a dental hygienist, followed by 4 years building a chiropractic business — Treena was also on a parallel quest to understand herself and her spiritual path. These authentic desires are what eventually led her to dedicate her life solely to assisting others on the healing path with plant and animal medicines.

But prior to holding space for others, Treena’s personal journey with the medicines began 10 years ago. Extensive work with Ayahuasca, during which time she sat in well over 100 ceremonies, was compounded with various other plant and animal medicines. These experiences led her away from a fear, anxiety, and survival-based mindset, and into the life she had always dreamed of.

Today, working with and serving Kambo, Iboga, Jaguar and Ayahuasca fills her heart so deeply that it shines outward as a guiding light of safety and love for others who are searching for the truth. Doing this work is an honour, and she is deeply grateful to be in service this way. Treena recently completed her Advanced Kambo Practitioner Certification and has plans to continue learning about the wisdom of these profound plant and animal spirits.

In ceremony, Treena harnesses an innate gift of sharing knowledge with others that she has directly experienced to be helpful in her own life when navigating toxic patterns, stress, beliefs, thoughts and anxieties. The impact of trauma at a young age manifests as dysfunction later in an individual’s life, and Treena’s own experiences in that space allow her to be in service to others in a potent way. For those who want to deepen their medicine work, Treena also offers both pre- and post-ceremony integration guidance.

Treena completed her Advanced Kambo Practitioner Certification, Master Kambo Teacher Level 1 and has plans to continue learning about the wisdom of these profound plant and animal spirits.  She just recently completed the Advanced Psychedelic Therapy Program with ATMA Jan 2024 – June 2024. 

A decade-long battle with opiate addiction led Deena to Iboga in 2012. The miracle she experienced completely shattered her addictive patterns, as well as the illusions that had been conditioned into her reality, and from that point on, death became life and life became magic. She had the honour of traveling to Gabon, Africa in 2015, where she completed a Full Initiation into the Bwiti tradition, and became one of the first nine Western women ever to undergo a Womens’ Bwiti Rites of Passage. She then co-founded IbogaJourney and dedicated her life to serving the medicine to many courageous souls.

Her greatest achievement came three years ago, when she became Mama to a sweet Iboga baby boy, Atlas, her son with IbogaJourney co-founder Jeremy. At this time, the medicine gave her clear instruction to stop serving in ceremony and focus on being a mother — though her soul contract with Iboga is to be in service always, in all ways. Today, her dedication to Iboga has merely shifted. She offers 1-to-1 sessions via Zoom, curated for both pre-ceremony preparation, and post-ceremony integration. For those interested in continuing on the Iboga path long after the active journey, also available are deeper 1-to-1 dives, focused on traditional Bwiti-based guidance and Iboga-channeled divining sessions. She can be contacted at or followed at on Instagram. Her next steps include a videocast @truth.cast related to Iboga and all things truth, as well as writing a book (11 years in the making) about her personal journeys with Iboga, her Initiation and Rites of Passage in Africa with the Bwiti, and as a provider of this profoundly sacred medicine


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