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Hello fellow journeyers and friends of the Wood,

We have great news to share. There are now scheduled Iboga ceremonies again in Canada. There is also a consistent and reliable source for microdosing orders. Our Canadian facilitator and medicine holder is Treena Rogers. She worked with us over the transitionary period before our departure to Nicaragua. Here is Treena’s introduction that will be added to our website soon.


Treena began her journey with etheogens 10 years ago. The value of these spiritual tools became crystal clear and she felt compelled to share the growth and expansion with her family. With Treena’s guidance, her family became familiar with psychedelics in a sacred setting. The healing circles expanded from family, to friends and referrals, which led to years of hosting sessions with multiple medicines. Eventually Treena’s love for psychedelic healing led her to Iboga. After attending her first IbogaJourney, she was sure that this was her path. This led to more ceremonies and time spent with Deena and Jeremy learning about the medicine, the silent approach, and the importance of thorough consultations. Treena was invited to assist Jeremy in ceremony where her experience in holding space was deepened. Treena has now assisted and hosted multiple ceremonies with incredible feedback from guests. She is honoured to host ceremonies for IbogaJourney in Calgary.



Treena holds the same high quality medicine from the Congo. Sustainably harvested and cultivated in a wild environment. The harvestable Iboga was planted amongst the wild in its natural forested environment. This offers the wild energy yet preserves the native Iboga plants which could never keep up with global demand.

The first ceremonies in Calgary were incredible and it became obvious that a new location was born. Feedback from Treena’s sessions have been amazing. Full testimonials will be posted on the blog page of IbogaJourney.ca. Here are a few snippets:

Treena has intimate and extensive knowledge of health and the plant medicine world. Treena is a humble, loving human being with a profound respect for healing journeys. This is a sacred path, and one she is dedicated to walk. So in recommending a practitioner, I would feel safe recommending anyone to sit with Treena. She has developed the skills to walk this path. Treena leaves no details out in setting the space to make it optimal for this healing. It is a safe and loving environment, and this is so important as one begins their healing process.
Roberto, Calgary, AB

In the days leading up to the ceremony I was concerned about the setting; how could an urban location support such a sacred journey? Upon arriving I was warmly welcomed by Treena and soon learned that she had curated a sacred and supportive environment for the journey. I was able to surrender to the medicine thanks to feeling incredibly safe and supported under Treena’s care. While we all have our own unique experience, you can trust you will be held in loving space while you journey.
Kristin, Bragg Creek, AB

I have sat with Treena on multiple occasions and find her experience, grace and understanding of the medicines truly comforting. I have complete trust in Treena’s experience and desire to assist and help navigate the medicine journeys. I look forward to many more experiences with Treena’s guidance.
Brent, Calgary, AB

Treena was such a beautiful light and held such a safe space. I felt completely supported. Her belief and faith in me, helped me believe in myself and honestly without that I don’t think I could have gone as deep as I did. It was such an amazing and profound experience.
Trisia, Edmonton, AB



We have full confidence in Treena and we are wholeheartedly welcoming her to represent IbogaJourney. You can reach Treena to book a consultation or order micro dosing here

Thank you all for healing yourselves. When one rises, we all rise.

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  1. Hi Treena,
    I am interested in taking part in a ceremony in Calgary. Probably in June or perhaps a little later if you have summer ceremonies coming up.
    Jeremy and I had messaged each other back and forth a few times about this but my timing for it was not good to travel to BC. Now that you are offering this in Calgary it is much easier for me as I am in Central Alberta.
    Please let me know about your upcoming schedule and what I need to do to take part.
    Thank you,
    John Maygard.

    1. Hi Treena,
      I look forward to speaking with someone or yourself that could help me with my PTSD in regards to one of your ceremonies please feel free to contact me by email or phone 403-330-2866 I look forward to your help thank you Jim

    2. Hello John,

      My apologies for the late reply. I just noticed this now and did not know to check here 🙂 Now I know lol Are you still interested in coming to Calgary? Please send me an email at ibogajourney@protonmail.com and then we can set up a phone call. Blessings, Treena

  2. Hi Treena. This is Christian from Victoria. My phone number is 17782141946. I have decided to make the trip to Calgary for treatment with Iboga. We have spoken a few times. I feel I am in limbo dealing with my situation.. Can you please call my number so I can discuss with you the dates for treatment. Thank you again, Christian.

  3. Hi Terran,
    I was given your name by a close acquaintance . I am very interested in participating in a ceremony, I live in southern Alberta and would be available to meet your schedule whenever it works for you. Look forward to meeting you.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Treean,
    Just wanted to follow up to see if you have received any of my emails? it might be my email that is not getting through to you, It would be great to be able to touch bases with you in regards to upcoming ceremonies. If you need more info please let me know . Thank you James

  5. Hi Treena
    Really interested in this. Please send my info. Would like to participate in a ceremony. Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi Trina, I am interested in taking part in one of your ceremonies. I have a few questions and would like to open communication with you.

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