Iboga Canada

Experience Iboga in Canada

This journey is in the West Coast Canadian rainforest where flowing from the mountains at the end of the valley is the silica charged water of the Cheakamus river. Located in Paradise Valley on a biodynamic farm bordering the river, the animals, plants and people are living harmoniously. The yurt lodge blends into the forest and compliments the surroundings. When we gather in this magic place with pure intention and desire, there is a natural reflection defining the ground of being.

The experience Iboga gives is very individual but simultaneously we will be together as one in ceremony. The work done in our sessions is for the healing of not only the participants but all our surroundings. In fact, the entire planet. An Iboga ceremony is a journey within. Travelling past what we have experienced ourselves to be. Past the body and past thought into our natural state. The stillness at the core of our being. Iboga is a nurturing and wise teacher that guides us on the trek inward.

This is a journey into the unknown part of ourselves that can unfold the manifestation of your intentions. You have an opportunity to look at it from a detached standpoint and accept the nature of the unknown for what it is; you. Like parents with their children, Iboga holds us as we do the work to free ourselves from limiting beliefs and past traumas. How we do this and what we are shown is an experience unique to each person. So as you relax, trust and surrender your ideas and projections, Iboga strips away illusion to reveal the truth.

Benefits Of Iboga

  • Detoxify The Body
  • Reset Neuro Pathways To Their Original State
  • Interrupt Habitual Negative Behaviour
  • Balance The Pleasure And Craving Centres In The Mind
  • Break Through Patterns That Keep Us Separate From Our True Nature
  • Resolve Past Trauma
  • Become Free From Addictions
  • Balance And Unblock Chakras
Iboga Canada

About Us

Jeremy has spent the majority of his life in the mountains of BC. Born in the interior, he ended up on the coast for the past 20 years. The mountains were his temple but an accident forced a shift of perception. The resulting immobility during a long recovery created a movement inward. The call to end conflict and reveal truth, led him to Iboga. Through many ceremonies and years of work with mentors and guides, he ended self destructive patterns and began a personal practice with the medicine. Of its own accord, this slowly grew into a practice with friends and family and eventually into IbogaJourney.  His vision to build a healing lodge took shape, manifesting as the dual-yurt space where the Squamish Iboga ceremonies are held. Jeremy and his wife Deena live and practice in this forested temple with love and open arms to all who find them. 
Deena’s medicine journey began in the suburbs of her native New Jersey. Iboga’s root medicine called her to move deeper into herself, away from her career in journalism, to heal the traumatic fractures that caused self-sabotage and negative thought and behavioural patterns. This journey changed her life, setting her on a path to spread the healing message of Iboga to others. In 2015, she traveled to Gabon, Africa—the birthplace of Iboga and home to the Bwiti—where she took the medicine and completed a Full Initiation into their culture. She is also among the first nine Western women to ever complete a Bwiti Rites of Passage.
To date, I have not had a drink nor do I have any desire. And I find it is not even in my consciousness. Truly amazing and I am deeply grateful. But the best is that I am sleeping and getting a restorative sleep. It is truly a miracle for me to lie down, fall asleep and wake up the next morning feeling fresh, fit and ready for the day.
My Iboga experience has been profound…..I want to thank Jeremy and Deena for the work they do. I felt safe, as though I was in good hands while becoming so vulnerable.
Since the Iboga experience with Jeremy and Deena, it has drastically changed my life for the better. There is enormous healing potential in this root bark and in the whole ceremony. The theme of Iboga is the value of life. And I value mine. As for Jeremy and Deena; I am so happy to know that people like them exist in the world, doing this kind of work with so much love and dedication. They cared for us like we were their children. Their care exceeded my expectations by far, and I could trust them by sending my loved ones to them for ceremony.
My weekend with IbogaJourney was without a doubt the most profound shift I ever went through and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to go through the most radical transformation possible. I have taken part in 22 ayahuasca ceremonies, 3 kambo purges, 7 meo-DMT ceremonies and this one was without a doubt the most powerful of all of my experiences even though it is not a competition of any sort.