Kambo + Jaguar Unite



Hello Truth Seekers,

Are you looking to detox your mind and body?

And jump into the ultimate God-conscious love bomb right after? In as little as 3 hours, it is possible. Get ready to have your mind, body, soul and spirit blown beyond your comprehension and jolted into a new reality with this powerful medicine duo.  

Kambo is an Amazonian Giant Monkey Tree Frog and has 16 bioactive peptides that stimulate all the body systems to cleanse and purge out what no longer serves.  Peptides are branch chain amino acids that are miraculously healing for the body.  Kambo is an initiation process to prepare you in so many ways for your visit with God (Jaguar). Kambo clears the path — your electromagnetic field — to dive deeper into the realms of pure love and truth.   

” I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken.” 

— Ram Dass —

Jaguar is called 5-mEo-DMT and is a molecule that was discovered in Bufo, a Sonoran Desert Toad which secretes a liquid that is dried and then smoked. This incredible toad only comes out for 3 months of the year, during the rainy season, to mate. It is gently handled with love and care to remove some of its medicinal liquid. It’s so important to honor and respect Kambo and Bufo. They are true gifts and miracles to this land.  Always make sure they are ethically sourced. 5-mEo is synthetically made, more readily available, and does not take away from the beautiful toad.

Jaguar will take you to a magical place and clear any residual energies no longer serving — leaving you feeling peace like never before. Yes, it can also leave you feeling like ‘WTF just happened,’ as it catapults you into a fresh new perception and way of viewing the world.  Which is actually something that you already know, you are just remembering. 

“It’s all real and it’s all illusory….that’s Awareness.”

— Ram Dass —

As we all know, everything is energy. Our thoughts and belief systems create our energetic field, which can create health or disease,  love or fear. If we continually have negative thoughts, it can directly impact our health. We can feel sad, angry, fatigued, overwhelmed, etc. If we focus on gratitude, love, peace and happiness, the energy flows in that direction and we receive more of that. 

The powerful combo of these two potent allies can assist you on your path of peace and truth. Please email us at ibogajourney@protonmail.com to book your session.

“The gift of forgetting is that we get to remember.”

— Treena —

Up and coming sessions before the year is complete: 

Nov 17-19 – 1 spot left

Dec 8-10 – 5 spots left

Much love and appreciation for you all!



PS — I got the opportunity to go to the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in Vancouver this month, and it was life-changing to be around like-minded peeps and learn so much. Here is a link to purchase next years’ tickets for an amazing early bird price: 





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