I Am Happy To Be Me


Happy December amazing peeps!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. This one is more of personal nature, hope you get a chuckle and get more of an idea about me.  

Life has been quite a journey thus far, and especially since purchasing IbogaJourney and stepping into this role. I am extremely humbled to witness the courage and vulnerability of others doing this work, and at the same time, really appreciating myself even more for getting to be where I am today. A dark and enlightening road of blood, sweat, tears, laughing, shock, terror, anxiety, peace and farts mixed all together — lol!

Thank god for the laughter of farts. Since childhood, that was the thing that would always make me laugh. I find myself quite often, when winding down at night, turning my brain off, watching fart videos and also funny animal videos. When hosting retreats I have to hold back laughter when someone pukes and farts at the same time (yes that’s also been me in that role) hahahahah. Ok — so now you know that about me.  

Your healing is my healing, and my healing is your healing.  It’s such a win-win scenario bursting on so many levels. (Oh I guess that means your fart is my fart…..ok….enough about farts. I’m okay as long as they don’t smell bad….then it’s awful . Isn’t fart such funny word too?) 


Back to the title of I Am Happy To Be Me, I can honestly say that I just recently got to experience this for the first time. I was actually sitting in an Ayahuasca ceremony and all of a sudden the words came in and so did the feeling of ‘I’m Happy To Be Me.”‘  I felt it move through my entire body and thoughts and all of the amazing things about myself came flooding in. What a contrast compared to how I’ve spent years of degrading, self limiting, judging, negative thoughts about myself. How I never quite measure up to this perfectionist standard that is like a golden carrot being dangled in front of me that I can’t quite reach. 

Can you relate to this? I feel that what most of us want in life is to feel good and be comfortable in our skin. There is this internal driving force that just wants to be happy, feel good, have more energy, enjoy life and live in peace . Is it something that we have to achieve or is it already present?   

In my experience working with all the miraculous medicines, Iboga, Kambo, Jaguar, Bufo, Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Huachuma, Hape, they give us access to feeling great (and sometimes not so great). Feeling great is always there, it just gets covered up by toxic thoughts, patterns, beliefs. These medicines are tools we invite in to assist us in discovering the truth of who we are. Eventually, we will discover that we are the medicine and we no longer ‘need’ something to remind us of who we are. We are truly and authentically the hopes, dreams and everything our heart desires. It’s like a game of forgetting and remembering who we are. Super fun!


“Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free” Yung Pueblo 


How fun would it be if we always remembered that we are unicorns and rainbows and forgot about the piece of poop bits? lol. Or always remembering that we are scum of the Earth and forgetting that we are God?  It’s the beautiful contrasts of life that create miracles, along with your eyeballs popping out of your sockets and your heart bursting out of your chest. 

I feel a really great question to ask yourself in order to dive into where you are at in your life is “Am I happy to be me?“ It takes a lot of courage to be honest with your thoughts and feelings about yourself, and even more courage to love every single part too. (Yes even the poopie bits need your love). Freedom and peace are on the other side of those parts you resist and push away. This is the work, diving into the parts of life and of ourselves that we resist and have aversions to. I love to face these things full on. At least I can see and feel them and make peace. They then hold little to no power.  Do they go away completely? No, but they don’t have the same charge and impact.  

How do you navigate the difficult moments? Do you run and hide? Do you react?  Do you get angry? Do you laugh? These ways of being are all insights of what is happening inside of you and has nothing to do with what is going on outside of you.  When there is peace within, the peace spills outward. Like a water ripple effect. 


“Sometimes transformation is simply taking the best parts of you and giving them more room in your life.” Yung Pueblo


I have some exciting additions to my tool chest of medicines. I now have a set of 4 Crystal Tone Alchemy Bowls which will be played during my retreats. Sound is miraculous medicine, as you know. Along with the Crystal Bowls, I will be adding my voice which is extremely scary and vulnerable for me. Feel the fear ( illusion) and do it anyway is what I’m up to. What about you? Are you letting fear (illusion) stop you from living fully?

Wishing you beautiful beginnings of the month of December. Much love and appreciation for every single one of you. I’m so grateful to get to meet so many wonderful people doing this work, and that you choose me to hold space for you. These opportunities to assist you on your healing path brings such joy to my heart.  Thank you Thank you Thank you  

As a gift of my appreciation, I am offering a $100 discount on your next Iboga retreat for the months of Jan and Feb 2024. All you have to do is share with me how you have pushed past a fear (illusion) that has been holding you back.  


So much love and blessings to you all, 





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