What Is Possible


“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.“

— Cheri Carter-Scott —

What is Possible?

I hear quite often when people come to sit with the potent medicines Kambo, Iboga, Jaguar, Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA, they want to get rid of their anxiety, fear, depression, anger, addictions, and the extra weight they are carrying. It makes total sense why we want to rid ourselves of these things that cause and create such pain, discomfort and profound suffering. Now, as hard as you try and have tried, does it actually happen? OK — well may be for a brief time — and then it comes back full force, and sometimes it’s worse than before?

Over the many years of my own personal medicine work and witnessing others, I’ve noticed that wishing something would stop or be removed only makes it expand and become a bigger issue. So what is possible then? This is a very powerful and potent question to ask yourself.  Instead of seeing something about yourself as wrong and needing to be fixed, how about be-friending it? Perhaps it’s a part of yourself that you have been rejecting for many many years. Perhaps this part of yourself was abandoned during a traumatic experience when you didn’t have the tools to process it. Perhaps it’s a part of you that someone told you is ugly or not good enough and you took that on.



“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

— Margaret Drabble —


So now, with doing this potent psychedelic work, it’s being brought to the light of your awareness. You can now see and feel it. It’s a miracle! And it can be horrifying. Rather than it being hidden in your subconscious, you now know. It can no longer keep controlling you, because you have your eye on that muther f’er (lol). No judgement of it being right or wrong either — it’s great to bring humor into this game of life.

So what is possible? What if you unconditionally accepted that uncomfortable part of yourself? Pretend like you are re-parenting yourself, giving it the love and attention that it is so thirsty for right now. Love it wholeheartedly and bless the shit out of it. This is about integrating those parts of you that may be interfering with being the best version of yourself now.

I’m telling you right now……it works.

The very thing we resist and make wrong is a gift. This is contrast magic! If we don’t experience darkness, we don’t experience light. Make sense?

When experiencing these moments of anger, depression, sadness, rage, anxiety, fear, love, euphoria, excitement etc… step into, ‘What is Possible?’  Ask the question and understand that life is happening FOR us, not TO us.

Asking what is possible creates a space for opportunities and a different way of being to happen, which is way more expansive than focusing on the “problem” based on our judgment. What if it is an opportunity to learn something new that you wouldn’t have considered before? It’s also perfect to sit in the slums and feel sorry for yourself and be scared, as it’s a very potent teacher.



“You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe since birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live in a world where all things are possible”.  

— Jaqueline E Purcell —

I challenge you to play with this, I did, that’s how I know for myself. I also get what may work for me may not work for you — and that’s totally awesome. Show me your way and I will show you mine.

Focus on all the shit things you think about yourself, the things you need to change, all the mistakes you made, and feel how that feels. Feel all the guilt and shame you can handle. Pretty terrible? Then focus on what is possible with your anger. Could it be fuel for you to express that you are not being heard or understood?  Could it be your body, mind and spirit trying to speak to you that something isn’t quite right with a situation or person? How about anxiety?  Anxiety is a beautiful teacher and perhaps it’s trying to tell you that you are spending too much time worried about the future, about something that hasn’t happened, and it’s taking you out of being in the beautiful present moment?


This is about making peace with yourself and all your parts, even the nasty unforgivable parts you think are not forgivable. When you do this, it’s self love and compassion, which is a powerful energy that ignites yourself in such a healing way.  Then guess what you get to be for others? You get to be loving and compassionate to others going through the same stuff.  I feel this is a massive ripple effect, and the secret is that it starts with You.

Magic is believing in yourself. When you do that, anything is possible.”  

— Treena Rogers —


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Love and Blessings


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