The Truth About Parasites: Physical + Spiritual Invaders



The Truth About Parasites

To my friends on the medicine path — hello, and a big hug from Deena. November’s first newsletter is written by me. It is long and contains much information, but as the topic is such an important one, I feel strongly about sharing its message in entirety. Thank you for taking time to read, and thank you Treena for providing a platform to share this important piece in all of our healing journeys.


Over the course of a lifetime, we seekers obtain and use an infinite number of spiritual tools to stay positive, nurture self love, maintain a high frequency, have compassion, and heal core traumas.

We find spiritual tools in many places — our plant medicine/entheogenic journeys, working with coaches or spiritual teachers, breathwork, yoga, meditation, etc — and via the challenges and lessons that life yields organically.

And even still. Have you (like me) invested incredible amounts of energy into modalities, discovering new spiritual tools and practicing them — yet something under the surface makes maintaining a high frequency difficult? Even as you work hard to stay in the light, does it feel like something is holding you from it, keeping you stagnant, or influencing a regression? Do addictive patterns, thoughts, behaviours, manifestation grids, self- and world-views, etc, seem to slowly creep back in some months after a deep medicine journey?


**Parasites are NOT an excuse for not doing the work, or for spiritual bypass. This message is for those who have been willing to show up and see uncomfortable truths about themselves, confront their shadows, and have been doing the work, with dedication, for a very long time, but the struggle continues**

If you choose to partake in your own parasite research (outside of mainstream outlets, please) you will find that they have the ability to influence our behaviours, thoughts, addictive patterns, self-sabotaging tendencies, moods, health, and more.

Science shows us that parasites physically exist — they are absolutely, without a doubt, the cause of nearly every illness and dis-ease humans suffer from.

But have we ever considered how these insidious invaders influence our spiritual path? The definition of a parasite does not hold the same meaning for me as it once had in a medical textbook. It is far more spiritual, and much darker, now.

Parasites restrict our potential for spiritual growth, holding us in lower frequencies and sustaining themselves on our vital life force — while we, the host, slowly deteriorate in mind, body and spirit, struggling to maintain our frequency or advance spiritually. Peak healing simply is not possible if they exist inside of us.

But if we don’t know about their presence in the first place, we are helpless to a hidden war we don’t even know we’re fighting.

After nearly 12 years of my own extensive personal work with various plant and animal medicines, and after serving Iboga to others and witnessing the healing of a great number of warrior human beings, I have only just discovered something vitally important for all of us — and completely missing from most of the world’s spiritual healing protocols — about the parasitic entities that live inside of us. They must be addressed before or after ANY plant medicine or entheogenic experience. Or, more accurately, on ANY spiritual path at all, regardless of whether psychedelic/visionary medicines are even used.

After my own medicine work, I can undoubtedly say I am a different being than the one who existed before I began. I attribute all of this growth to partnership with the plants.

But even still, over the years, there has always been something lightly (and, at times, intensely) tethering me to darkness. I didn’t know how to fight these dark waves, so I normalized them. I worked with and around them, and I fought every day to maintain a high frequency, practice the Art of Living, master my thoughts, and be a good person.

And it’s been surprisingly difficult to do that long-term. I’ve done it, but it’s been challenging. So I began to wonder if it was too challenging to be organic.

Six weeks ago, I began a protocol involving 2-3x daily enemas containing distilled water and MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). I first heard about MMS 15 years ago from a friend who was battling Morgellon’s Disease. I filed the name away and, for some reason (now understood), never forgot it. Over the course of the next 2 decades, MMS popped back into my field twice, and rang its little bell. But with this most recent mention, something clicked and I decided to try it. (I should note that I first tried the standard 21-day oral protocol with MMS, but only with enemas did the healing magic happen. A dear sister and friend just happened to be working with MMS at the same time as I began my oral protocol, and she recommended that I try MMS in enemas. I am forever indebted to you for your wisdom, sweet B, if you’re reading this).

I have been chronically unwell since 2015, off and on. My symptoms began about a month after returning from Gabon, Africa, where I completed initiations into the Bwiti tradition and was fully immersed into the heartbeat of Iboga’s home. There was more than enough potential for jungle-borne/travel related pathogens (as well as some darker, spiritual parasitic attachment, which is a big story for another day). I also experienced abuse in early childhood (opening pathways for spiritual parasitic entity attachment).

Without getting too deep into it, I am of the knowing (not the belief) that parasitic infestation is real, and can occur in a variety of ways. Through our food, our toxic environment, exposure to various locales, bioengineered means, emotional trauma, spiritual fracture….

Whatever the root/source/cause of parasitic entryway, it matters not.

The important thing to know is that we all have parasites, and their origin can be traced back to a week ago, or five decades ago. We are all getting parasites, all the time. Whether you grew up wealthy in the first world, or in a village of the third world.

I read somewhere recently, “If you have a pulse, you have parasites.”

So to everyone reading this — parasites reside in you and are influencing your life in a negative way.

What kind of influence are they having? It’s physical and it’s spiritual.

We’ve all heard, “Trust your gut,” and “Health begins in your gut.” One statement applies to the spiritual, and one to the physical, but both are equally true. We can’t connect to our spiritual intuition if they’ve taken over our gut. And we won’t enjoy physical health either.


BEHAVIOURAL INFLUENCES — Parasites steer our behaviour and choices. There is a parasite that is sexually transmitted, and is scientifically proven to influence its human host to engage in promiscuous behaviour in order to spread itself into the greater population. There is another parasite that’s been studied for influencing mice to seek out and approach cats (a natural predator they usually do everything to avoid), resulting in their own death. Parasites also influence our addictive behaviours (sugary or toxic food, sex, gambling, drugs, risky behaviour, negative thoughts, toxic relational dynamics, victimized experiences, self-views, eating disorders, choosing toxic partners, repeating old inter-generational patterns, etc).

HEALTH INFLUENCES — Many silenced doctors and researches around the world have concluded that almost every illness and chronic condition prevalent today is caused by long-term parasitic infestation. However, the mainstream, Westernized clinical/medical model does not acknowledge this claim. To learn more about how physical health issues are linked to parasites, begin by following the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, who details how their presence leads to cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, IBS, chronic pain, tumours, seizures, candida, diabetes, skin problems, and all the others.

SPIRITUAL INFLUENCES — I’ve always operated on intuition and feeling, rather than science, statistic and logic. And I have not felt compelled whatsoever to change my natural state in the context of this new parasitic work. (Although I will admit the scientific evidence of parasitic influence has been captivating to learn about). But the big piece, for me, is that parasites are also sabotaging our soul’s journey and the spiritual contracts we agreed to complete here. These entities are hijacking our frequency.

So I prefer to view these little demons through a spiritual lens. In this vein, one of my favourite Bwiti teachings arises: ‘Everything that happens to us in the physical world is happening in the spiritual world simultaneously. It happens first in the spiritual world, and then it manifests physically.’

So for the sake of spiritual conversation, let’s for a moment forget the dirty vegetables, germs from pets, travel bugs and undercooked meats. When spiritual parasites attack and latch on to us (after trauma, abuse, direct spiritual attack, or any other negative influence), how do they find a way to manifest in our physical world? (They cannot merely affect us in the spiritual without somehow holding our physical vessel as well).

They manifest as parasites and take residence in our gut. They suck our life force, and sabotage our spiritual and physical well-being by influencing our lives and preventing us from thriving.

How do we know when parasites are affecting our spiritual health?

We’ve been stagnant for too long. We haven’t been growing spiritually, even though spiritual growth is the most important thing to us. We haven’t been able to leave the toxic parts of our life that we know have been holding us back. We may intuitively feel that we’re under psychic or spiritual attack. Our intuition always gives us the message that something is keeping us from our potential.

I’ve tried many things, over the years, to eradicate darkness.

But what I have experienced since expelling 6- to 24-inch and longer worms from my body every day for the past six weeks is beyond my analytical brain and my physical understanding — the spiritual impact is felt in my heart and in my soul.

After the MMS protocols, I feel the same as after a massive Iboga flood dose. Iboga is a mind medicine, and post-ceremony, my mind is so incredibly clear, it’s like I’m interacting with my thoughts from an objective, third-party perspective. There is SPACE between thoughts. I have the ability to choose whether I let a thought go (non-productive ones), or attach to it (positive ones). Whereas, before the ceremony, that space did not exist — making the art of mastering the mind and the thoughts impossible. And after these protocols, my body also feels clear, free of toxins, and deeply detoxed, like after a big Iboga flood.

I realized that Iboga (and some of the other plant/animal medicines) are powerful enough to kill off live, adult worms and parasites thriving in a human host. Which is why your mind, body and spirit feel so connected after ceremony.

However, in the course of a few months post-ceremony, what happens? Eggs and egg sacs of the dead adult worms have hatched, and identical entities birthed of that same low frequency begin to grow, take over, and influence our lives again. (Did you know that when adult worms are killed, they release a chemical that triggers their egg sacs to begin hatching?)

So when I finally admitted this year that, “I’ve done so much spiritual work and medicine ceremony. Why is it so difficult for me to stay as clear as I know I can be, long-term?” My answer came with MMS, in the form of clusters of rope worms, flukes, and biofilms being released from my body. Talk about a prayer answered.

MMS is of incredible importance — an essential protocol for human expansion and spiritual advancement (right in line with Iboga and the psycho-spiritual healing that it is able to provide).

This MMS work is its own ceremony.

Jim Humble’s original MMS protocols are very specific. I should note that I have taken his exact guidelines and made adaptions and additions to complement them — in order to create more effective guidelines for a whole-being approach to physical and spiritual parasitic entity removal.

To begin this journey, one must first make a commitment to working with enemas in general (this is not as intense as it may seem for those who are new — you slowly get comfortable with it in a week or so). There is also a commitment to taking some herbal supplements in conjunction with MMS, and dedicating between 1-4 months to the enema protocols (this is dependant on your level of infestation).

It may seem like big work, but I am the mother of a 3-year old, I work multiple jobs, and I am still able to follow these protocols without any trouble at all.

Parasitic entities are extremely intelligent. If you begin to worry about the “inconvenience” of doing a cleanse like this, or how it “wouldn’t work” for your lifestyle, ask yourself, ‘Who is thinking those thoughts? Me — or them?’ They pressure us to quit productive missions that can enable spiritual advancement if they know their death is imminent. This morning, I spilled the contents of my enema bag 2x in a row while trying to set it up. When I finally got situated and began (instead of quitting or procrastinating until later, which they wanted), I passed a significant cluster of ropeworms and biofilm. Who spilled the bags? My own clumsy hands, or their energetic influence over them? I know the answer for certain.

They do fight to stay alive. But human will is stronger.

The true version of yourself was made to grow and heal.

Parasitic entities serve only to sabotage this potential.

For those who can feel the truth in this message, but are uncomfortable with enemas and feel called to do a 30 day herbal parasite cleanse/another means of parasitic detox, please know: I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements, traveled to colonic detox centers around the world, and have utilized most parasite/pathogen/mold/candida cleanses available. I have completely changed my diet for long periods, worked with minerals, naturopaths, homeopaths, hydrocolon therapists, herbal protocols, acupuncture, pharmaceutical parasite medications, plant medicines, animal medicines, regular water/coffee/ACV/chlorella enemas, indigenous shamans, energy workers, frequencies, and more. I have battled to retrieve and MAINTAIN (key piece) my physical, mental and spiritual health. And from everything I’ve tried, I either saw no difference at all, or saw only temporary improvement, or experienced severe Herxheimer reactions, or had to quit cleanses before they were complete due to feeling awful.

With MMS, you do not have to drastically change your diet, the Herxheimer reactions are minimal (comparatively), and you begin to see worms extracted immediately (not after months of following strict regimens — and even after many months of other protocols, I never saw worms and entities like the type I have with MMS).

My clients who’ve also been using MMS enemas in the past month are experiencing immediate and continued release of worms and parasites, improved mental clarity, spiritual connectedness, and improved physical health.

The evidence of this work is in the toilet bowl. You will see worms and entities with your own eyes. But the difference in your spiritual connection/mental clarity/rapid growth/ high frequency is felt — you level up with each release. I feel clear, at peace, and high frequency in mind, body and spirit.

I cannot say how many years these entities have lived inside of me, wreaking havoc, or what thing/things caused their arrival. I don’t really care. I am simply grateful for the now. For the gift of Jim Humble’s MMS — and for my original and forever teacher, the Spirit of Iboga. These teachers have now come together to develop an unknown, profound protocol for healing and human ascension.

In my life, Iboga and the subsequent discovery of MMS have been the keys to unlocking completion of soul contracts, clearing karmic residue, cutting ancestral cords, and thriving mentally, physically and spiritually — for the long haul.

This work is really about spiritual ascension. And it is impossible to ascend when the temples of our bodies, minds and spirits have been taken over by entities that have no business being there in the first place.

Please contact me at if you’re interested in working with these protocols. Whether you choose to use MMS on its own (or, if desired, in combination with Iboga —  either on a microdose level or before or after a flood dose) I am honoured to stand with you in support of this unprecedented healing.

In gratitude for my life’s two miracle medicines, Iboga + MMS.

Bassé. I wish you peace and so much love,



Thank You to my Spirit Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen for always inspiring me to write about and share my initiations. I love you more. And I know you know I know you know it.



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