September 2017 Newsletter

The Autumn leaves are falling, blanketing the forest floor with yellow, orange and red. Birds and squirrels are busy collecting from the trees and storing their bounty away for winter. Cool nights bring a crispness to the following mornings, calling back cozy winter clothing.

An inspiration of gratitude for the harvest and respect for the coming winter plays itself beautifully. Gathering, bundling, cleaning and storing after a long and abundant summer.

Fall inspires a powerful movement inwards. Intentions planted in the spring have grown into experience through the long days of summer. Lessons and insights are the harvest, and we mirror the season by gathering and storing them through total comprehension. Taking full responsibility as Creators of our reality. Watch as the cleaning and organizing outside will create the same on the inside.

Here at our lodge in Paradise Valley, we have been harvesting and storing fish and vegetables and cutting, spitting and stacking wood. The freezer and the shed are full. The wood stove is once again radiating heat, and summers’ bounty is stored for winter.

Our 2017 year is coming to an end. The October 20-22 ceremony is nearly full, and there is still space left for our November 3-5 session.Iboga, iboga ceremony, iboga canada, bwiti, iboga retreat, plant medicine