I saw a fridge magnet at a friends house that read “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” It inspired me to write. This really sums it up well… Life is constantly happening and will always BE happening. We observe life as it happens and through our senses and filters it forms our “reality”. So… are we reacting to life as it is? Or are we reacting to a filtered version distorted by all the stories of what we think life should be. Thankfully there is some space between the observation and the interpretation (consciousness).

When reacting from fear it feels like no space at all. Instant reaction. We’ve all felt this. But when reacting from compassion there is vast space. How can we create that space through all of life’s twists and turns? Well… take time after reacting to an experience and ask yourself where did this reaction originate? Does it have a foothold in truth? Many times we are reacting to all the details we add and not reality. We often suffer this non reality. This suffering is self imposed due to the fact that an event from the past, be it seconds, minutes or years, is living on in our reaction to it. If we allow it, an event can vibrate a lifetime and live itself out again and again in our experience.  I read once that “we are not experiencing suffering, we are suffering our experiencing”.

So we do have a choice.

The power is within us.

When reacting as a single person in this vast universe, it’s no surprise there is fear but when just a slight shift of perception swings toward oneness, we react with compassion as we see ourselves in all things. Where does this shift of perception come from? Well, it’s the natural unfolding and flowering of life and there are plenty of useful tools life presents to us along the way. Intuitively we guide ourselves toward them. They give us a glimpse into our true nature with often life changing results. It seems Mother Nature has provided us with one of the most effective ways to accelerate the flowering of awareness in these times of rapid change. So many feel the call to powerful plant medicines like Iboga and Ayahuasca.

They have the ability to show us our connection to nature and to point an arrow in the direction of fulfillment and happiness. The insights gained from these plant teachers are seeds in the minds soil but the seeds will need the nutrients water and light of self inquiry. We always have the opportunity to question our experience. Why am I reacting this way? Where is the tap root of my limiting beliefs? It’s like exercise. The more we do, the easier it gets. Eventually our filters, walls and anchors of our conditioned selves become transparent and will no longer hold any power or relevance.


With the help of entheogenic plants we strengthen our belief in this and surrender in to the miraculous.