October 2017 Newsletter

We are heading into the darkest months of the year. November 1st has long been a time marking the death of summer and the beginning of a dark and forbidding winter.

This is a time that seems closest to death and to our own darkness. Closest to our shadows.

The mask is such a powerful aspect of the seasonal celebration. It allows us to explore sides of our personalities we normally keep hidden. Like ceremony, this season promotes this exposure. What an amazing opportunity to express that part of our personality that is darker and hidden from the world—and often from ourselves. Exposing our dark side takes away its power over us.

A suppressed shadow can manifest as paradoxical. Brewing inner conflict, like a man who is a pillar of his community carrying on secret affairs, or a woman who is always giving so generously to others and unnecessarily depriving herself.

Children work out

Children work out their fears of the bogey man by assuming its identity and playing out their fantasies. On Halloween, we adults do much the same thing. The holiday gives the shadow a legitimate opportunity to come forward.

Iboga helps us to recognize our shadow side and to be aware of the impulses and negative qualities we find there. Awareness is all that is required. The rest will take care of itself.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
—Carl Jung

Our final ceremony of 2017 is fully booked. We are now taking reservations for 2018.

2018 Session Schedule

March 16-18
April 20-22
May 25-27
June 22-24