October 2016 Newsletter

The transition is upon us. Harvest season is coming to an end, the last of the salmon are running up the rivers, leaves blanket the forest floor, and everything is saturated with seasonal rains.

Days end quickly as the low-angle sun hides behind thick clouds. It’s a time to shed and preserve energy for winter. The forest drops all its less-productive and seasonal foliage as it prioritizes its resources. Redirecting energy to promote new growth.

Inspired by this, we can shed wasteful and taxing behaviours. Redirecting energy inward, as we rest in the potential of new growth welcomed by cleanliness and clarity. The cold and wet challenge our immune systems, so it is a great time to boost with elixirs and cleanses.

Fall is also a time to hibernate. A time to catch up and recharge with more sleep.

Our fall/winter ceremonies reflect these energies with longer nights heated by fire. Grandfather fire is burning up all that we are shedding. Burning what no longer serves and preparing us for growth through rebirth.

For those considering or for those integrating, remember that the energy of these ceremonies can be conjured beforehand and well afterward. We find that meditative forest walks are the most effective way to call upon it. Dedicate your walk to either your upcoming, or your past, session and allow the insights to arise spontaneously. The balance of the forest inspires the remembering of a balance within.

IbogaJourney has only one ceremony with space left in 2016, the November 4 – 6 session.

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