March 2016 Newsletter

Spring is a time of rapid growth. Experiencing more daylight and warmth is an inspiration to shake off the hibernation and get outside.

Life is waking itself up….waking us up.
What has been shed in the fall becomes nutrients in the spring. The limitations we shed free us to grow into forgiveness, compassion and most importantly, gratitude.

Just one moment of gratitude each day can move mountains.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all who venture on the Journey within. Walking this path is to walk with truth. Surrendering to our own miraculous existence.

The new ceremony lodge has served its first winter and has been a sanctuary for many Journeyers. The lodge and the surrounding biodynamic farm continue to cultivate wonderment and host a rich mosaic of guests.

We invite all to contact us regarding our services, which extend beyond the ceremony. Our support includes consideration, preparation and integration consultations.

We are not only planting seeds….we are facilitating the flowering of self realization. Helping to cultivate an environment for growth before, during and after our sessions.