July 2017 Newsletter

The summer melt is in full swing. Squamish is the meeting point of several mountain valleys that provide billions of gallons of snowmelt water, bringing our rivers and lakes to maximum capacity. The cycle of evaporation from the ocean, precipitation on the mountains, and flow back to the ocean reminds us that energy is not lost in the process. It just changes form.

We can live like water, which is flowing and yielding, yet strong and transformative. Water carves out canyons and yet, in the hand, is soft, forgiving and flexible. It is also indestructible in that it cannot be broken or destroyed, it merely changes form. Only by living a life of flexibility can we let go of all that binds us, releasing our clinging to a rigid and controlled life.

Iboga represents our calling to surrender. We give life a chance to express itself through us, without resistance to challenge or clinging to ease. It’s only conditioning that wants good things to last forever and painful things to end quickly. Really, it’s all just varying forms of the same energy.

Like water, life has the natural power of transformation, but it requires removing the dams of the mind. Removing limiting beliefs of who and what we truly are.

Our groups continue to amaze us with sincerity, courage and trust. Thank you for reminding us of the transformational power of love. Our arms are open to all those scheduled or considering. Please reach out if you want to connect.