January 2016 Newsletter

Aloha Friends,

From under the sacred Banyan tree and its canopy of vines, the IbogaJourney team prepares to depart Hawaii’s Big Island and return to British Columbia’s glacial mountains.

In our return, we bring the spirit of Aloha, the energy of our Hawaiian elders and their connection to the land, and the fiery essence of Madame Pele and her ability to uncover truth—a reflection of Iboga’s ability to do the same. We offer these gifts to those joining us in upcoming ceremony.

Beginning with our January session, IbogaJourney ceremonies will be led by Jeremy Cook and his new wife, Deena. The pair, who were brought together through both Iboga and Kambo medicines, married on 1/6/16 in a sacred ceremony at sunset in Kailua-Kona.

Prior to merging her work with her husband’s, Deena has been working with Iboga throughout Central America, Canada, and Africa. In 2015, she traveled to Iboga’s birthplace of Gabon, completing Full Initiation and Rites of Passage ceremonies with the Bwiti tribe.The couple is grateful to hold space together, and bear witness to personal transformation beginning in this New Year. 

Nearly a month has passed since Winter Solstice, and although there is more light, the depth of winter is still upon us. The balance to these winter ceremonies is fire, and the wood stove keeps the yurts warm and well-circulated. The Grandfather fire holds us through our journey, burning away what no longer serves us.

The January 29 to 31 ceremony in BC, as well as the March 4 to 6 ceremony in Toronto, are full. 

In response to interest, we are working to secure another Toronto session in May. Details about this ceremony are forthcoming.

Space still remains in our upcoming February 26 to 28 session in BC. 

We hold deep gratitude for those who have joined in our past ceremonies, and all are invited to share their experiences and feedback.

For more information about ceremony options and pricing, contact jeremy@IbogaJourney.ca or 604-932-7717.