We Do Not Provide Drug Detoxes

We Do Not Provide Drug Detoxes

2020 IbogaJourney Sessions

All those interested in joining must have a phone consultation prior to placing a deposit. Email us us an introduction and we can arrange a time.


Participants must be free from all drugs, pharmaceuticals, medications and alcohol prior to their ceremony. In some cases, more time is required. A phone consultation is needed to determine whether they may join or how long they must be substance-free.


June 5-7

June 19-21

July 3-5

July 17-19

Aug 14-16

Aug 21-23

Sept 25-27

Oct 16-18

Nov 6-8

Nov 13-15












Long drive or fly in guests are required to travel the day before and all guests must stay in Squamish the night after

A travel and accommodation email will be sent following consultations

Sessions are held on weekends. Guests should arrive at 2 p.m. on Friday, and will depart near noon on Sunday.

A shower with natural soap, shampoo and conditioner is provided.
Mattresses are provided.

A bed sheet, pillow, warm blanket, towel and water bottle are required.

The cost for an IbogaJourney ceremony is $880 CAD.
Confirmation of attendance is completed with an initial deposit of $300 CAD. Email jeremy@ibogajourney.ca for payment info. Deposits are not refundable or transferable.


IbogaJourney has provided for close to 700 people since its creation. Jeremy and Deena attend to every detail throughout the entire three days. They provide a space that feels safe and held in confidence and love. A space where surrender will be natural. They are present any moment guests require them.
The respect of silence in the ceremonies is much different than a Bwiti ceremony, but the Western ego has far thicker walls, and silence is the most effective environment for the medicine to penetrate to the core.
Iboga is from West Africa, and respect is given to tradition in many ways, like using raw root bark and moving into Bwiti music on the second night. Jeremy and Deena also incorporate First Nations

traditions, such as the talking stick and calling in the directions. This feels very appropriate as we tread lightly on a land so permeated with Indigenous energies. Many additions to ceremony have been intuitive, and can be unique to each group. Being comfortable with the providers is very important, so please feel free to contact us. We can also arrange an interview in person within the Squamish-Vancouver area.

“Jeremy and Deena’s integrity shines during the ceremony; both of them are attentive and compassionate to everyone’s needs. They run a tight ship, and know what they’re doing as they care for each participant with loving support and good energy.”

Location and Driving Directions

IbogaJourney is located in the heart of the beautiful Sea-To-Sky Corridor, in Squamish, British Columbia. Their ceremonies have been held all over the Corridor and the Gulf Islands, but are now held exclusively at their home location in the magical Paradise Valley on C-Dar Biodynamic Farm. Participants are welcome to tour the farm, which borders the Cheakamus River and has private areas to rest in nature and contemplate the journey ahead. Google Maps has pegged C-Dar Farm’s location incorrectly, so please use these easy directions if GPS fails.
Drive through Squamish Northbound on Highway 99. Pass through the last set of traffic lights (Depot Road) and continue for 2.5 km. Turn left on Squamish Valley Road. In 3.7 km, take a slight right onto

Paradise Valley Road. Continue for 9 km, until the road turns to dirt. Just after the dirt, look for a sign on the left for C-Dar Biodynamic Farm and The Gatehouse. Turn left there, and in 150 m, look for a white parking sign and park there on the right. A green smiley-face marks the entrance to the trail leading to our lodge.