Honouring Our Feelings



“Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.”

— Mooji —


You are the most important person. 

Feelings come and go, yes; however, I believe they are our soul keys to who and what we are. 

I recently attended 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies in 10 days and what a potent experience.  During these sessions I learned that my job while on this medicine is to observe and feel. Observe without judgement and feel everything my body is going through. Puke if I need to puke and poop if I need to. Real simple.


“Feeling hurt is better than feeling nothing at all.” 


While on plant and animal medicines, everything is enhanced and brought to the forefront of your process so that you can see clearly and feel everything. It’s like 20 plus years of therapy in a matter of hours.   

Integration is the spilling over of these experiences into your day-to-day life. Life is a medicine journey, and our job is to feel our body and observe everything around us. YOU are the medicine. Why is it that we sometimes only do that on plant and animal medicines? It’s because we numb and distract ourselves. We are afraid to really be truthful about how we are feeling because we judge ourselves, make ourselves wrong for feeling the way we do. Afraid others may judge us and leave us. Integration also includes holding space for yourself during the turbulent and blissful times of feeling.


What I noticed for myself when I was going through a difficult time and working at a job that was no longer serving, was that I was acting/being different during my day job than when I was holding space part time with plant/animal medicines. I was quick to judge and make wrong at my job, yet I was the opposite when I was holding space.    


“Feeling is the secret.”

— Neville Goddard —


Then I started to question that about myself, without judgement or making it wrong. I started to inquire into how can I be that same space holder with plant and animal medicines in my day-to-day life? I have to say, this is the work!!! I got to feel the disconnect and how I was being inauthentic, creating so much suffering for myself. Ha, I found it easier to hold space with people who sign up for my plant and animal medicine journeys because they are ready to look at themselves and take responsibility for their lives, than people who were not. So, this was the judgement I got to feel and make peace with and love myself for. It was super uncomfortable, and I am so grateful I got to experience and see it. I would much rather know the inauthenticities and so-called imperfections about myself, and feel them, than have them stay hidden/festering and keeping me in a small dark place of guilt and shame. 

This is the part where YOU are the most important person in your life. No, this is not being selfish. This is loving yourself in a way that can feel very odd and uncomfortable. Nothing else outside of you matters more. Has it been working for you, putting everyone and everything else ahead of you? When you start to see this and feel this, your life will drastically change for the better. This is you honoring yourself for the first time ever, and taking a stand for YOU.   


“If we are far away from ourselves, if we are not honest with ourselves, and if we are full of unexamined emotions and conditions, we will naturally find it difficult to be close to others.”

— Yung Pueblo —


Our job is to feel what we feel without judgment. Instead of pushing away those uncomfortable feelings with food, TV, phones, drugs, working too much, etc., why not befriend those feelings as though they were a small child needing love and to just be heard? How about leaning in and getting curious about YOU and where those feeling are stemming from. What do YOU need?  

 Your feelings are real, and they are part of YOU. Your body is the most intelligent tool God has gifted you with. Feelings are your truth, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels about them. This is FREEDOM, my friends. Whoa, can you feel that?  I’m getting goosebumps as I write this. Your feelings matter the most to YOU. 

 Being honest, loving, and truthful with yourself sets the stage of your life — and you get to be that for others. Life just explodes into possibilities and miracles. Trust me, I’m walking proof of this.  

 Are you honoring your feelings? What thoughts do you have about yourself? Do you feel? What do you feel? If you find it difficult to connect to what you are feeling, that’s ok. I’ve been there, and it’s a process of taking baby steps.   


“Feeling unsure and lost is your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it.”

— Louis C.K. —


Try little things, like tasting food. Slow down and take a small or big bite — just pause and chew slowly and really taste the food. What does the yummy food feel like in your mouth? How does it smell and taste? When you open your window or door in the morning or at night, what do the birds sound like and how does the cool fresh breeze feel like? This is practicing being present in the moment and this is where all the juiciness of life is.   

I would also like to share that I offer Zoom MDMA sessions. If you would like to know more about this, please email me at treena@ibogajourney.ca

June’s Happenings:   

Zoom Meeting June 6th @ 7pm Alberta time. Topic: Tools for Integration and the Magic of Ayahuasca – please email me or join our telegram group: Sacred Wood Family  

Kambo, Iboga and Jaguar Trio of Medicines: June 23, 24, 25 and June 30, July 1, July 2 

So much love and appreciation for you all!! Thank you for walking this spiritual path because I get to do what fills my heart and soul.  Thank you for reading. 



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