Healing With Psychedelics

“Psychedelics helped me to escape from the prison of my mind. It overrode the habit patterns of thought and I was able to taste innocence again. Looking at sensations freshly without the conceptual overlay was very profound.”
Ram Dass
The conditioning of the mind in this new age of technology is ramping up at astonishing speed. The information overload at our fingertips, personalized by algorithms monitoring our browsing, has created a severance from our inner guide; the intuitive sense of direction and truth. What are thoughts? Where do they come from? What power do they carry? Are we the thoughts in our head?




The reason that programming can be so effective for those wishing to influence the masses, is the belief that we ARE our thoughts. The belief and identity to the thoughts arising in the moment as belonging to us. Thinking is useful and is a powerful tool but it’s NOT who we are and it’s not responsible for our actions. Action is a choice. Acting out our programming is the ‘prison’ Ram Dass referred to.

Psychedelics give a shift of perception and a renewed awareness. They have been part of human expansion for thousands of years. Psilocybin in mushrooms all over the world, the Amazonian brew Ayahuasca as a host for DMT to be ingested orally and mescaline in the Central and South American cactus duo Peyote and San Pedro. But the foundation for them all, in the ground that all these plants and fungi spring from, is the root Iboga that grows only in Central Africa; the origin of humanity.




Tryptamines are a family of psychedelics that are extremely hallucinogenic and produce a sense of moving outward and leaving the physical realm behind. These include Ayahuasca, LSD, Psilocybin and DMT. Alkaloids are a family of psychedelics that are more grounding and produce a sense of moving inward, processing the reality of the psychological mesh of thinking and the detoxification of the body. Mescaline in Peyote and San Pedro, as well as Ibogaine in Tabernanthe Iboga root bark, are alkaloids but with very unique characteristics.

So depending on where one is on their journey, one or many of these entheogenic healing tools may be useful. Iboga seems to be the one that is most effective in revealing the thoughts as sentient and releasing the journeyer from the mind’s prison and as Ram Dass so eloquently said, “…taste innocence again.”

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  1. Hi! I think maybe I met your dad, Jeremy, – a retired man selling slabs of wood named Clark in Dundas? He has a son who is an Iboga guide in BC. I was buying wood from him for my alter and he looked at me and said “have you heard of Iboga?” Anyway, yes! But I have not experienced it yet! In the last years I have been guiding one on one with psilocybin and recently decided to launch a site: http://www.guidedmushroomjourney.com. Your site was promoted on a signal chat group :-).
    Blessings, Gerry.

  2. Hello. My name is Christian. I would like to sign up for a Iboga session. Please respond. My phone number is 17782141946. I live in Victoria, BC. Thank you.

  3. Hello there 🙂
    I just want to make sure I am reading correctly please. So we wouldn’t need accommodations except for on the final day when we leave, correct?

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