It has been a few months since the last sharing. We have been dedicating our creativity toward our new website. The expected launch of the new site is the end of May. It will have a completely new aesthetic feel, along with some new and edited content. The original site is over three years old now, and in that time, our practice has modified itself. The new site will represent the flow with change and the growth we have experienced as providers.

An increase in inquiries has led us to add a second ceremony in September, from the 14-16. The new site will have the dates and recent availability on the homepage. Ceremonies have been filling up about 6-8 weeks prior.

The awareness of plant medicine power is growing, and it is awe-inspiring to see so many waking to their potential and true nature. In our circles and our community. Local and planetary. The Earth is reaching out to humans and her median is plants. Wisdom beyond words. Pure, natural intelligence. We are all born with it….as it….it’s time to remember.

The explorers, the enquirers and the seekers of truth, work hard upon themselves because there are many things which have to be dropped. Many impurities, hinderances and blocks which have to be dissolved. The eyes have to be opened, the ears have to be unplugged and the heart has to be be made to feel. One has to fall into rhythm with existence. When you are utterly in rhythm with existence, your eyes are open and then, for the first time, you see and that seeing is transformation. That seeing changes you, root and all.”


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