February 2018 Newsletter

March is the first month of our 2018 season. We are happy to return to the magic of the rainforest and to our space for another year hosting ceremonies.

While away from holding space for our guests, we spent time holding space for ourselves and for one another, deepening our awareness of our role as providers. It has become more and more obvious that it is a role-less role, and like we promote for our journeyers, we simply get out of own way.
Providing the space, care and acute attention to detail in the moment. Not involved in should, could or would. Not involved in the stories of before or after. Every group is unique and every journey is unique, so we flow with what we are called to in the moment.

Our space is designed specifically for hosting Iboga ceremonies, and year after year it proves to be amazing in new ways. We continue to refine our service and our space with love and sincerity.

Along with our offerings, we have the support of our community. Both directly on C-Dar Farm and widely throughout Squamish. Plant medicine healing and cultivation is deeply rooted in our valley, and more and more are discovering the plants are reaching out to us. They will help those who have the ability to genuinely ask for it. Seeing the plants as ‘askable’ the same way we see ourselves.

Iboga is a powerful plant that commands respect and humility. What we put into it, we get out of it. Pre ceremony and post-ceremony equally. Iboga can open us to know all plants as intelligent and conscious. The opportunity to connect is limitless. Plants are all around us. Feel them using your heart as an organ of perception.

It has been an honour to sit with all who have joined us and we look forward to meeting those committed to ceremonies coming up. Here are our remaining openings for 2018.


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