February 2016 Newsletter

As February begins to warm and thaw to the energy of St. Valentine and celebrations of love, we look inside to do the same.

This debut of warmth and openness of heart is not simply a time for couples and partners. It is time to reflect on the most important love of all, the love of self.

This means accepting ourselves as we are—both our light and dark aspects. It means arriving in awe at the miracle of our existence and realizing the truth: that love is the source of everything, our very essence.

Understanding self love is a benefit to our health, happiness, wholeness and fulfillment. Its resonance has a rippling effect on all around us.This shows us that the practice of going inward also goes outward.

The cultivation of love and the acceptance of our true nature is felt by those around us. Its frequency attracts more of itself, expands the vibration, and fosters an expansion of love beyond comprehension. ▽▼

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