Connection With Nature

It has been over six months since our last sharing. Two weeks after leaving Canada for five months, our computer backlight quit. This left us disconnected from the IbogaJourney mail list. We are back now, repaired the computer and have hosted our first two sessions of the year. Now we have an opportunity to reconnect with all of you. It was such a beautiful experience to remember the sincerity, courage and trust of those called to join us. Deep gratitude to our first two groups of the year. They were all teachers to us, to each other, and above all, to themselves.
It’s so good to be home. We showed up to a new calf on the farm. He has been playing and clumsily dancing around, like all the new life reborn this Spring. The greens of grasses, shrubs and trees gain vibrance by the hour. Seeds and buds are swelling and unfolding as their inner intelligence is set free by the magic of water, warmth and sunlight. Everything is buzzing with growth and expansion. What a motivation to do the same thing ourselves.
Let the Spring rebirth be a catalyst for time outdoors. It’s time to get out there and shake off all the cobwebs. Time to crawl out of the den. We use our senses to relate to our surroundings and then experience the flip side as life is sensing us. Feel the interrelatedness with nature. Feel it calling us back to reality. To the present. Allowing our organism to function naturally. Nature’s harmony is matched with ours and drama just melts away.


Maintaining this connection in all of our relations is possible. Even in the deepest parts of the city. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. An opportunity to be aware of the relationship of inside and outside. To see how we attract things based on our relation with ourselves. Whether we are in a challenging phase or a flowing phase, our experience of connection moves, morphs, appears, disappears, is taken seriously, is let go of, is clung on to… and on and on. All of these fluctuations reveal truth with wondrous intelligence as it reflects the inner realms of the watcher.

Though this process unfolds naturally, it requires full surrender and trust that existence has your back. That it loves you so much that you exist! Nature has provided us with a fantastic tool to test and teach surrender. To clean us so thoroughly, that life can once again flow through without resistance. IbogaJourney is here with open arms to all who are called to the cleanse.

For those who have journeyed with us, please forward this email to anyone who has been drawn to you through the experience and check out our website that was freshly edited last fall.

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