August 2016 Newsletter

Summer has embraced us. Local produce, fresh fish, warm evenings with meals outside and enough rain so we can all enjoy campfires. What a wonderful month. There is a special love of this shared by those who endure a seasonal winter. It is the cold and dark that gives definition to the warm and light.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
—John Steinbeck

This reflection is potent. It is often uncomfortable or challenging times that give definition to easeful ones. We can thank one for defining the other. For giving it depth and purpose.

We are blessed in Canada to live in a seasonal pattern where we are given the opportunity to feel sharp contrast and reflect on our relationship to it. This is an inspiration to allow what may seem dark to be the mirror for the light. To thank our challenges whilst in them. This pulls the plug on their negative effect. Pure acceptance.

Iboga has a powerful resonance of acceptance. Sometimes it may continue to expose resistance, but only to teach acceptance. This, too, is a seasonal process. We may have a ‘season’ of flow and acceptance and another of resistance. Constantly refining and defining. There may even be a lifelong resistance that finally gives way to the remainder in acceptance.


Our groups this summer have been so dynamic. They have well represented the mosaic of relations possible with this amazing plant. We have the deepest respect for all choosing this inward path. Iboga can be such a valuable catalyst in this self-inquiry.

With interest in our Squamish ceremonies growing, IbogaJourney will no longer be hosting sessions in Toronto. View images of our forest Yurt lodge in Squamish, BC, here ( .

Please write back to us with any questions about integration or to share life experiences after Iboga.