August 2017 Newsletter

August in British Columbia is the month of the miraculous salmon return. What a powerful reminder of natural intelligence.

A tiny salmon fry emerges from its gravel incubation and swims to the surface, only to be immediately swept downstream. It feeds in pools along the way and eventually reaches the ocean, sometimes hundreds of kilometres away. After spending the remainder of life in the ocean, swimming thousands of kilometres, it will be called back to the very square foot where it first hatched. This navigational miracle inspires a feeling of awe.

Though it is hidden by our minds, the same miracle is living through us with each breath. The unfathomable navigation of salmon is the same force breathing us and beating our hearts. Iboga represents one of the natural tools allowing humanity to remember this.

Sometimes our current beliefs must crumble, and that’s when life calls us to surrender. For some, it manifests as a calling to ceremony.

The teaching of patience and trust through ceremony is definitive and amazing. We just need to get out of our own way and watch as life speaks to us through experience. Truth is experiential.

The ceremony may give rise to great change, but we also have the test of letting that go. Really stepping into our own power without fear of losing anything.

The plants share with us that it was always there. How can we lose it?

There are always opportunities to expand. Take all challenges as self (life) administered. It’s all for growth.

We are excited to announce the launch of our IbogaJourney Facebook Page, and invite you to visit, Like, and browse our photo galleries. Each of you is the heartbeat of this work we do. We are grateful to be sharing with you in new ways!