Forest Intelligence



Before the IbogaJourney lodge was created, our circles were held in many different settings, like rental houses, yoga studios and even outdoors a few times. The ones held outdoors left an impression, with dreams of forested ceremonies. The Paradise Valley Yurt Lodge is the manifestation of those dreams. Cedar, Fir and Pine trees tower above the fern- and moss-covered Earth. There is an overwhelming sense of wisdom and balance.

The oldest and largest of these trees are known by First Nations as Grandmothers, and there is one here in Paradise Valley that is almost 800 years old and 15 feet wide. The Mother tree makes a network which sustains other organisms in the forest. Plants are not competing against one another, but working together in families and communities in reciprocal and symbiotic relationships.

The forest canopy inspires wonder and awe, but two-thirds of the forest is underground. The hidden brain of the forest. Plants work together through the soil as a community, with a vast, underground network of roots. The whole forest is a system of communication with fungi as the bridge. The billion-year-old fungi has co-evolved with plants to aid in nutrient and information transport. It has even been demonstrated that a Mother tree can provide to her seedlings. Fungi is like a courier and translator.

Though we may not hear it, the forest speaks. Not only amongst its residents but to the visitors as well. It’s possible to become quiet enough to hear and feel the forest. To feel our own symbiotic relationship to them. They breathe out what we breathe in, and visa versa.


Tabernanthe Iboga Seed


Roots are the network that links the forest together. It is also a root that the forest chose as a way to communicate with us. Iboga is our bridge to forest intelligence. Sharing our brain with the forest brain. A reset of balance and harmony.

IbogaJourney’s 2018 season is coming to an end in a few months. There are only a few ceremonies left with space, followed by a five month break, with sessions resuming again in the spring.

If you haven’t already, visit our new website. IbogaJourney.ca has new content and images, as well as a new FAQ page. We deeply appreciate any sharing from past journeyers, and we are here to answer any questions for those interested.


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