November 2017 Newsletter

It’s been a year since we began our seasonal themes for our monthly group mail. Writing them has been therapeutic for us, expressing the reflection of outer nature to our inner nature. Ebbing and flowing with the seasons. Our intention is to share, from our hearts, to all those past, considering, or committed Journeyers.

Whether you are reading this in memory of Iboga, in anticipation of Iboga down the road, or both, we wish to send our deepest gratitude to this amazing collection of souls.

Few are courageous enough to turn away from society’s conditioning and jump out of the ‘comfort’ zone. Jumping into responsibility for our own destiny. The leap takes trust and courage.

memory of Iboga

Our IbogaJourney collective is now over 600 people. A very large part of this was formed through the resonance of friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and synchronistic encounters. All illuminating the path to Iboga. People that share, through proximity, more than words. Through example. When one rises, we all rise.

Iboga finds us when the ground of being is fertile. Sometimes the seed is planted through an encounter, and though it lands on fertile soil, it may take months or years to germinate.

The key is to know that we do not use Iboga as a way to put off our inquiry until the ceremony. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

As the calling grows stronger, so does the inward movement. These are the conditions that allow the seeds of our intentions to germinate. Meditative living, creating health and well-being.

Iboga Plant

Preparation for, and Integration after, an Iboga ceremony are actually quite similar.

The focus is on spending as much time in nature as possible. Seeing ourselves as nature, not just in nature.

Feel the intelligence beyond our mind. Feel life living through the core of our being. If there are still questions, we present them to ourselves with sincerity, honesty and integrity—and here is the clincher: we do not try to answer them.

Allow life to do this at its own pace. It’s not always about more answers. It’s about less questions…

Iboga ceremony

Our 2017 ceremonies are finished. We opened reservations early for Spring 2018, and our first ceremony is now full.

We have chosen to add another session at the end of March. Here is IbogaJourney’s updated spring schedule.

MARCH 16 – 18  FULL
APRIL 20 – 22
MAY 25 – 27
JUNE 22 – 24