This Iboga Ceremony happens over three days and has three stages. The Death, The Transition and The Rebirth. The afternoon of your arrival is a time to reflect on intention and an opportunity to be still and enjoy the surrounding forest and Cheakamus River. By the late evening we will be in the sacred space and after respect is given to the four corners we will share our intentions in the circle as a group.

The Space

Guests arrive by 2pm to the yurts heated by fire (when needed) and smudged, providing a welcoming and neutral field. It is a 30 ft circle lined with foam mattresses and centred by directional candles.

Each guest chooses their location in the circle and sets up their bedding.

Individual meetings are hosted with each participant throughout the afternoon providing guidance for the ceremony beginning in the evening hours.

The majority of the session is conducted in silence with necessary communication as whispers.

Medicine offerings are gradual, allowing it to become acquainted slowly.

Iboga Ceremony
Iboga Ceremony

The Death

The iboga (powdered root bark) will be provided every hour for eight hours. This is a dedication to truth and is the symbolic death of what no longer serves you.

All the unwanted thoughts and stories we have created about why our life is the way it is dissolve and reveal the truth.

When these layers fall away, some may experience visions, others symbols and shapes, some voices and some may experience nothing at all, but iboga is healing you nonetheless.

As you slowly and gently move deeper into the Wood every hour, what you have perceived yourself to be is no longer relevant. You simply observe what Iboga reveals.

The traditional Bwiti music is played during the death and acts as tether to the physical as you travel deep within. It’s grounding energy promotes complete surrender.

Every round you are making an unspoken commitment to truth for All Your Relations. The ten hours can be a challenge for some and easeful for others. There may be purging and if there is, it’s at exactly the right time for you. An Iboga Ceremony is a test of surrendering yourself to the wood with hurdles, walls and portals all with unique challenges and lessons custom tailored for you.

The Transition

After eight rounds of root bark you have shed what you knew yourself to be.

You have also received a massive download from the wood and only fractions of it will be in your awareness. The energy of the death slowly moves into the transition hours after the last round.

This unfolds over all of day two.

This is where you feel, in a very personal way, the emotions connected to all the work done the night before.

It can be a dense navigation but it will eventually ease up and the depth and stillness of your being will emanate.

By mid afternoon, there will be small portions of fruit and later soup as you’re ready.

The organic, nutrient rich food provided will begin the movement back into your body and by late evening there will be a small group meal.

iboga sacred forest
Iboga Ceremony

The Rebirth

Sometime during the second night the group will experience The Rebirth back into the body together.

That’s all that will be said about this phase.

It’s a surprise. A really nice surprise.

Once back in your body there is a short group meditation.

The second night is still and silent and most, though not all have a nights sleep.

The morning of day three is beautiful. Before breakfast you can go for a walk and connect with nature.

The local eggs, organic fruits, cereals and local organic vegetables will nourish and replenish the body.

After a leisurely breakfast we will again gather in a circle, share our experience and finally close the space.