October 2016 Newsletter

The transition is upon us. Harvest season is coming to an end, the last of the salmon are running up the rivers, leaves blanket the forest floor, and everything is saturated with seasonal rains. Days end quickly as the low-angle sun hides behind thick clouds. It's a time to shed and preserve energy for winter. The forest drops all its less-productive and seasonal foliage as it prioritizes its resources. Redirecting energy to promote new growth.

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August 2016 Newsletter

Summer has embraced us. Local produce, fresh fish, warm evenings with meals outside and enough rain so we can all enjoy campfires. What a wonderful month. There is a special love of this shared by those who endure a seasonal winter. It is the cold and dark that gives definition to the warm and light.

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May 2016 Newsletter

After experiencing a summer-like spring, gardens are flourishing, lakes are warming and we are ready to welcome the long days of summer. Everywhere we turn, we see thriving growth—as green dominates the landscape.

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March 2016 Newsletter

Spring is a time of rapid growth. Experiencing more daylight and warmth is an inspiration to shake off the hibernation and get outside. Life is waking itself up....waking us up. What has been shed in the fall becomes nutrients in the spring. The limitations we shed free us to grow into forgiveness, compassion and most importantly, gratitude.

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February 2016 Newsletter

As February begins to warm and thaw to the energy of St. Valentine and celebrations of love, we look inside to do the same. This debut of warmth and openness of heart is not simply a time for couples and partners. It is time to reflect on the most important love of all, the love of self.

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January 2016 Newsletter

Aloha Friends,

From under the sacred Banyan tree and its canopy of vines, the IbogaJourney team prepares to depart Hawaii’s Big Island and return to British Columbia’s glacial mountains.

In our return, we bring the spirit of Aloha, the energy of our Hawaiian elders and their connection to the land, and the fiery essence of Madame […]

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