Our forested yurts continue to host amazing guests, often with many of their intentions realized before ceremony, through the process of preparation and self-inquiry. We don’t have to wait for the ceremony to call upon the energy of it. We are shown, time and again, that you receive what you give. This applies to self-inquiry as well. Often, it comes full circle and we realize that what we look for is what is looking out through us. A very subtle yet potent realization.

This video, by Mooji, is a beautiful reflection of integration following a retreat. It can be helpful days, weeks, months or years after a journey.

Interest in IbogaJourney continues to grow, so we have decided to add another ceremony to our schedule, from October 7-9.

Here are our remaining 2016 dates :

September 23-25   FULL

October 7-9            Open

October 21-23         FULL

November 18-20   HALF FULL

Please stay in touch and let us know about your experience of integration.

If anyone is interested in continuing energy work, we recommend an incredible woman, Kaariina Saarinen. She is a mentor to Deena and I and a gifted intuitive healer. Contact her by email at kaariinatruth@hotmail.com. Her collective website can be viewed at cocreavatarsinternational.net

Click here to view a short video she has created regarding her purpose and work.

Love to all,

Jeremy and Deena