IbogaJourney offers guidance for all who contact us. Those committed, considering or simply curious. We are here to share our combined experience and knowledge of this miraculous plant. Consultations can be by phone or web video with Jeremy or Deena.

Once a commitment to ceremony is made, there is a shift. This is where deep self-inquiry begins. We will check in multiple times to ensure all questions regarding this are answered.

The most valuable way to prepare is to explore your intention. Self-inquiry is an essential part of reaching a clear expression of this intention.

This inward process demands patience and stillness but with practice and our guidance, the focal point of the journey will emerge.

Journaling and free-writing are helpful exercises for self-investigation, to help clarify where our priorities are. In this writing, we dare to write down our deepest aspirations, the things we want to improve in our lives, the wounds we want to heal and the talents we want to fully manifest.

Over time, what’s been written can be prioritized by turning loose sentences into bullet points. These main points are where we should focus our intention.

It is important to give ourselves time to understand what the underlying issues are. By regularly reading over our writings, we can see if different points actually belong to the same theme or pattern. This is a valuable method but understand there is no right or wrong here. Its more about our dedication to the inquiry itself. Open to truth no matter how it may reveal itself.

Iboga - look into yourself
Iboga - look into yourself


Even before the ceremony, Iboga has a strong influence. Synchronicity becomes obvious and dreams may carry memorable messages. Situations will arise that show us precisely the emotional blocks we are contending with. The medicine will illuminate our weak points, our resistances and the belief systems we are still holding on to.

While things may seem more difficult as we approach ceremony, it is merely an opportunity to focus on what we wish to shed. Allow whatever challenges that arise to just be as they are. Awareness of them is your key.

In this case, our difficulties and failures are good signs that we are getting close to overcoming them. Really allow these challenging emotions to play themselves out. All the while we watch and observe how our intentions are connected to this. Many guests have found that this simple preparatory recommendation has led to the shedding of many layers far before the ceremony.


Whatever is happening, be kind to yourself and don’t abandon your investigation. Take time to digest all situations and make space to breathe through them. One of most potent ways to do this work is on a meditative forest walk. Best done alone. The resonance of nature’s balance inspires remembering of the balance within us.

It is also important to prepare physically. Stay active and exercise. If you are overactive, take a few weeks to rest. Be sure to eat clean, whole organic foods and limit the consumption of caffeine, processed foods, grains and sugars.

All drugs, medications and alcohol must be discontinued for at least 30 days prior to ceremony.

Iboga - Guides You On Your Path


Our commitment extends far beyond ceremony. We are always available for post integration work by email, web video or phone. Iboga leaves us with a powerful resonance but this frequency is only part of what leads to realization of our intentions.

Integration following the ceremony helps us to accommodate a higher vibration and keeps us free from challenging settings or circumstances. A hasty return to obstacles and decisions is counter-productive. An easeful schedule afterward is important to experience oneself anew.

Plenty of rest and epsom salt baths are key. Salt continues the movement outward of old energies and blockages freed up in the session.

Time should be taken each day for reflection on the ceremony. Journaling, meditation and yoga are effective methods to maintain a connection. Check in with us for direction.

Spend as much time as possible in the forest; it is amazing how the trees quiet the mind.

The body will require nourishment. We share many diet recommendations in our closing circle but this can be very unique to each person. Iboga can challenge beneficial flora, so probiotics should be taken before breakfast for the first week afterward.

As the digestive system has been cleaned out, a diet free of processed foods or chemicals should be adopted following ceremony. Eat often and in smaller portions.

Life will not stop challenging us, so if we recognize that an old pattern or habit is creeping back, remain poised and confident. Resistance or blame will only feed it. It helps only to recognize it, smile at it, and smile at ourselves. We often take things far too seriously, fueling drama and conflict. On the contrary, whatever is happening, keep light and laugh. Humour helps to make things relative and place them in a better perspective.