May 2017 Newsletter

      May Newsletter   The last half of May finally put this years' elongated winter to bed. The sun's tonic called what seemed like the whole province out to play for the May Long Weekend. The infrared light penetrates deep and energizes life to a higher frequency. Birds singing, insects buzzing and plants exploding with growth.   When [...]

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April 2017 Newsletter

Living in a forested area of the farm, we are surrounded by thousands of plants and trees sharing their rebirth, with buds now opening into leaves and the first signs of branching. Each day adds another shade of green. There were two new calves born on the farm and they are a playful addition to all the new life and growth [...]

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March 2017 Newsletter

Here comes the rainiest month of the year, but we can always find something to smile about. Get out the boots and rain jacket, and make time to get outside to shake off the cabin fever. It always feels so good once we're out there. For the last few weeks, we have had a large influx of commitments made [...]

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February 2017 Newsletter

Our forested lodge lay dormant for a few months, still and silent through the depth of winter. We are back now, and the fire is once again radiating and burning up stagnation. Inviting all to toss old patterns and stories into the flames. IbogaJourney’s 2017 season is just around the corner. The time away has been an amazing recharge and [...]

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December 2016 Newsletter

The last month of the year is here. Although everything seems to pick up pace as we near the holidays, December can inspire stillness and peace. The commercial influence is strong but without resistance to it, we can tune in to the undercurrents of this amazingly powerful month. Whether you are sharing with loved ones or on your own, the [...]

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October 2016 Newsletter

The transition is upon us. Harvest season is coming to an end, the last of the salmon are running up the rivers, leaves blanket the forest floor, and everything is saturated with seasonal rains. Days end quickly as the low-angle sun hides behind thick clouds. It's a time to shed and preserve energy for winter. The forest drops all its less-productive and seasonal foliage as it prioritizes its resources. Redirecting energy to promote new growth.

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