February 2018 Newsletter

  March is the first month of our 2018 season. We are happy to return to the magic of the rainforest and to our space for another year hosting ceremonies. While away from holding space for our guests, we spent time holding space for ourselves and for one another, deepening our awareness of our role as providers. It has become [...]

November 2017 Newsletter

It's been a year since we began our seasonal themes for our monthly group mail. Writing them has been therapeutic for us, expressing the reflection of outer nature to our inner nature. Ebbing and flowing with the seasons. Our intention is to share, from our hearts, to all those past, considering, or committed Journeyers. Whether you are reading this in [...]

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October 2017 Newsletter

We are heading into the darkest months of the year. November 1st has long been a time marking the death of summer and the beginning of a dark and forbidding winter. This is a time that seems closest to death and to our own darkness. Closest to our shadows. The mask is such a powerful aspect of the seasonal celebration. [...]

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September 2017 Newsletter

The Autumn leaves are falling, blanketing the forest floor with yellow, orange and red. Birds and squirrels are busy collecting from the trees and storing their bounty away for winter. Cool nights bring a crispness to the following mornings, calling back cozy winter clothing. An inspiration of gratitude for the harvest and respect for the coming winter plays itself beautifully. [...]

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August 2017 Newsletter

August in British Columbia is the month of the miraculous salmon return. What a powerful reminder of natural intelligence. A tiny salmon fry emerges from its gravel incubation and swims to the surface, only to be immediately swept downstream. It feeds in pools along the way and eventually reaches the ocean, sometimes hundreds of kilometres away. After spending the remainder [...]

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July 2017 Newsletter

The summer melt is in full swing. Squamish is the meeting point of several mountain valleys that provide billions of gallons of snowmelt water, bringing our rivers and lakes to maximum capacity. The cycle of evaporation from the ocean, precipitation on the mountains, and flow back to the ocean reminds us that energy is not lost in the process. It [...]

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