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May Newsletter

The last half of May finally put this years’ elongated winter to bed. The sun’s tonic called what seemed like the whole province out to play for the May Long Weekend. The infrared light penetrates deep and energizes life to a higher frequency. Birds singing, insects buzzing and plants exploding with growth.


When seasons shift so abruptly, we are reminded how one gives such definition to the other. Our appreciation and gratitude for summer is fueled by a long winter. This is an opportunity for reflection.


Teachers and experiences come and go like seasons, and we may need to endure their ‘winter’¬†as a crucial part of our growth. Loss of a loved one, the end of a great chapter in our life, or the termination of something we couldn’t imagine ending, test our resolve and our trust that this season, like all, will come to pass. The sun will eventually shine, and our capacity to enjoy it is a gift for enduring winter.


Iboga is one these teachers. The journey contains seasonal qualities through death, transition and rebirth. This movement continues far after the session. Experience becomes your teacher. Trust that beyond all the internal storms we endure, the sun is always shining just above it.