May 2017 Newsletter


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May Newsletter

The last half of May finally put this years’ elongated winter to bed. The sun’s […]

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February 2017 Newsletter

IJ Flames

Our forested lodge lay dormant for a few months, still and silent through the depth of winter. We are back now, and the fire is once again radiating and burning up stagnation. Inviting all to toss old patterns and stories into the […]

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September 2016 Newsletter

Our forested yurts continue to host amazing guests, often with many of their intentions realized before ceremony, through the process of preparation and self-inquiry. We don't have to wait for the ceremony to call upon the energy of it. We are shown, time and again, that you receive what you give. This applies to self-inquiry as well. Often, it comes full circle and we realize that what we look for is what is looking out through us. A very subtle yet potent realization.

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