Living in a forested area of the farm, we are surrounded by thousands of plants and trees sharing their rebirth, with buds now opening into leaves and the first signs of branching. Each day adds another shade of green. There were two new calves born on the farm and they are a playful addition to all the new life and growth with each warming day.

The rebirth frequency was represented well at our recent Easter ceremony. We had a beautiful Sunday morning to enter into new growth as we mirror our surroundings. Thank you so much to all those guests. Your presence, courage and trust created such a powerful circle.
Our ceremonies now include an outdoor fire. There will be fireside time offered Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. A rain cover allows for comfort in any weather. The fire beckons us to burn away the past while Spring resonates rebirth into our natural, limitless potential.

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Our sessions continue to book close to two months in advance but frequently there is one cancellation per group, so if a potential guest’s attendance dates are flexible, they may be able to join us earlier than scheduled. There is also a possibility of additional ceremonies added with growth in interest or for a private booking (minimum 8 participants).


IbogaJourney’s roots are spreading into amazing networks of people. A seed is planted with each new guest and as it grows in them they plant seeds in others. Sometimes just the contemplation of Iboga begins an inward movement toward awareness of previously unconscious patterns. There is always an opportunity to watch unconditionally. Simply shine the light of awareness and the shadows lose definition.


Many that have journeyed with us express gratitude through emails and through referrals. We greatly appreciate these and especially any writing to add to our mosaic of sharing on the website.


Each group continues to amaze and illuminate. Creating a sacred circle of healing and rebirth.

Spring-Summer Session Schedule

APRIL 28-30 (FULL)
MAY 26-28 (FULL)
JUNE 23-25
JULY 28-30
AUGUST 25-27